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What is Better? Survival or Creative?

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What is Better?

When I first started out in minecraft survival was the main game mode unless you were a very good builder (unlike me). So every time I played minecraft I only ever played survival. I never really made a creative world.

But than 1.8 came out and survival for me became the most fun thing to play on minecraft. But after a while minecraft survival started to get really repetitive and I stopped playing minecraft for a while. As the updates went on I kept straying away more and more from survival. As soon as 1.5 came out survival was the most fun thing to do, because I was able to play with my friends on survival through LAN. But once again, it started to get a bit boring. So I started to play hardcore. I played hardcore for a while but eventually I started to drift to creative building, thanks to a friend who started, and has always been playing creative. But now I mostly just create texture packs.

There are a lot of people who prefer survival more than creative. But every time I have seen one of my friends play minecraft they always play on creative and build houses in the mountains, or build dirt, stone, or even sometimes ore houses. But after they finished they would always just place TNT everywhere, blow it up and build a new house somewhere else. Every time I see a friend in survival they just build a house and go out and find some pets and most of the times just go back to creative.


From what I have seen over the years of minecraft, I believe more people prefer creative more than survival due to the limitless stuff you can build and the limitless blocks you can build with. I personally now would prefer creative more than survival.

Thanks for reading, hope you all liked it. Dono t forget to comment on what you think is more popular, or what you prefer. And dono t forget to Favourite, Diamond, and Subscribe!


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07/29/2013 7:19 am
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Good blog
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