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What makes me a minecrafter?

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avatar Ghost Parady
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What makes me a minecrafter, you ask?
Well, there are stories throughout the land. Stories of the godly, of the unexplained. Stories of Notch, and Herobrine, even stories of a dragon they say dwells in a distant dimension ruled by those who fear water. These stories are said to be myth... but are they? It is questions like this that drive me. I crave adventure, danger, and the thrill of the journey, but only the most dangerous. I seek the deepest diamonds, the deadliest foes, and I seek the farthest of the Farlands. The Farlands are my greatest ambition, never have I set foot in this land beyond land, this place farther than far. It is my long sought after dream to discover whatever sacred bounty lies there.
As for the hellish Nether on the other hand, I have been in and out of without a scratch, several burns and many more pork chops maybe, but more or less without a scratch.

So you ask what makes me a Minecrafter? I think you have your answer.

This autobiographical thingy was made possible by: Bill Gates who (by proxy) made the computer that I wrote it on, Markus Persson & Jens Bergensten for creating the awesome game that I wrote it about, my mother who read it over my shoulder and corrected my spelling, and of course I owe this opportunity to write (which I do far to little of) to the incredible community of Planet Minecraft.

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