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Where do Minecraft monster come from?

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So your reading the title and your face is probably like thismeme-face-comics-funny_

WELL I have to tell you were they come from! Well that is why you are reading

this blog aren't you?

First thing is first how do they spawn?

This is what goes on in my mind when ever I think about it,it goes something like this:

MINECRAFT LOGIC: Let's monsters spawn in dark places, you see one monster you go closer and BAM! Somehow 5-10 more monsters spawned in less than a minute

(note this really happened to me)

Now that you read that your face is probably like thisyou-dont-say-memepng

Did you notice me changing my text color?

BAM! Changed it again!

Seeing that I'm done playing with colors let's move on to why you really clicked this blog!

Ok just think if Minecraft was in real life? Monster would spawn everywhere in your room,in the bathroom and even in the streets!

I know Minecraft monsters come from spawners but really how many spawners can one world have! If you think about it if monsters only spawned if there were spawners there would be a shit load more monsters than you could count!

Damnit! It happened again I'm moving off topic!

My conclusion:

Minecraft monsters come from either:

A. Magic Notch fairies who spawns them in everywhere

B. Dark places and spawners!

Thanks for reading if you enjoyed it leave a rating and comment below!
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