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White Lilys & Dead Bodies

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Theodoor avatar Theodoor
Level 46 : Master Strawberry
Some types of flowers grow over dead bodies. Thats what that one book said, the book was covered in layers of dust the shelf had cobwebs growing in its corners, it was about the year before the world stopped. When everyone froze and realized what they've done. Sitting in front of their large recently made computers with a Starbucks coffee in hand minding their own damn business while the world crumbled around them.

Sometimes its better to poke your nose around.

Like what flowers grow over dead bodies in the late autumn eve of Halloween. Little children dressed as Ghosts and Vampires walked around without a care in the world. they never got to see the stars. Or real clouds. Just the "puff" "puff" "puff" or several chimneys puffing up smoke. Sometimes I'll se white lilies poke up in between roads.

Its strange because I didn't live where White Lilies grew. The book was in my hands and it held all the answers the world needed. If only the screaming outside hadn't distracted me, if only that book wasn't stolen, and then the world died. Due to the lack of answers, Lack of concern. Then the Lilies grew and grew more and more as time stopped and soon the roads where white and the sky still full of ashes.

Maybe its was our fault.
No not maybe. It was our fault.

Then time started agian. The roads were still white and the sky was still ashes though. I doubt this would last forever.

Note: DAMN
its been a while since I wrote a story.

forgive the crazy of it its been awhile :)

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