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Why Sans shouldn’t be in Smash(Spoilers for Undertale)

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avatar Bentendo
Level 5 : Apprentice Mage
Sans is one of the most wanted characters to be in Smash Ultimate. This skeleton full of puns is from a popular indie game, Undertale. And he has been loved throughout the years since the game was developed and released. Although he is quite the boner of a character, he should not join the battle of Smash Ultimate.

One reason he shouldn’t join the roster is because he isn’t the main character of his series. The main character in Undertale is Frisk, the player you control. Sans, on the other hand, is seen only helping the player throughout the game and being the final boss in the genocide route. Because of him not being the main character of the game, it would be a little off to have a character that isn’t the main character join the Smash roster before the actual main character, as since the first Smash title all the way to Smash Ultimate introduced the main character of a series before the other characters of a series every time one was introduced.

Another reason why Sans shouldn’t be in Smash is because he has a lack of an arsenal. In Undertale, in the final battle of the genocide route, he is seen attacking with bones, Gaster Blasters, and using soul manipulation. Because of him not having any “big” attacks, coming up with a final Smash for him would be quite the challenge. Also, because they are a lot of ways to attack in Smash, it would be difficult coming up with all of those ways to attack with Sans.

One last reason Sans should not be in Smash is because he is more of a pacifist. In Undertale, Sans has only been shown in the final battle fighting because of Frisk/Chara killing all of his friends and his brother, Papyrus. Other than that, throughout the whole game, he hasn’t shown the slightest of hostility. He has only shown helpfulness, kindness, and of course, humor. Having a pacifist in Smash just wouldn’t feel right, since all of the characters(excluding Villager and Isabelle) have shown aggressive and fighting behavior in their series.

Because of these reasons, I believe Sans should not be in Smash Ultimate or any game dating beyond it’s time. Just because of his popularity and hilarious ways among people, that does not justify why he should join the roster. What justifies why Sans should not join the roster is because he isn’t the main character of his series, he has a lack of an arsenal, and he’s mostly a pacifist.

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  • DebPlayz
  • Level 2
  • Apprentice Explorer
  • March 21, 2019, 5:51 am
I didn't know Sans was a pacifist! But yet again, I don't play ether of those games...

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