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Will minecraft add emerald tools?~PopReel!~

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SleepyDog avatar SleepyDog
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yes, i know i cant spell.. ok? :P
Mojang have recived many requests for emerald tools,

some people even are so obsessed on gaining emerald tools that they basicly did the work for mojang.
creating textures, crafting recipies and even mods to add the feture they crave for.

This idea/photo is sent to mojang over 10 times a day.

But they still reply with the same message V
PlayerWhen emeralds were added I was like "OMG Emeralds! I can trade with the testificates and finally a new type of tools!" and then I found out that there were no emerald tools. They should mine as fast as gold and last longer than diamond because of how rare emerald is.
ModeratorLocked, as Emerald Tools have been suggested before.Emeralds were made specifically to be a currency. Gold wasn't used for exactly this reason, it has too many uses. The ore is meant to be a bonus. The primary way to obtain emerald will always be through trading. Emerald will never get tools.Please use the Search Bar before posting to check if your idea has been posted before. If it has, don't post it again. The thread will be considered redundant and locked.


So why is mojang so against emerald tools?

This is the answer;
Minecraft has build a community around diamonds, being the most powerful substance in the game they have been used world wide as a symbol of minecraft.
This can be show in the pmc likeing method(Diamonds)
Even J!NX the official minecraft shirt creator uses dimoands an almost half of their products.

So what would happen if minecraft added emerald tools?
Firstly, the vilager traiding system will go bust and emeralds would loose the main reason they where created for.
Secondly, If minecraft where to add emerald tools this would mean that diamonds would not be the most powerful substance in the game, meaning diamonds would loose value.
Sites will no-longer use diamonds as a theme and Minecraft will loose its 'Diamond' i dentity.
People who had donated for the expersive 'Diamond' rank on servers will be annoyed when it is changed to emerald and will be asking for refunds.

So we get to the point where kids are going, 'I want the new emerald sword, not this stupid diamond thing' so 1000's of people will be asking for reunds for their old diamond products wanting the new emerald ones. This will lead to a massive debate. People would be sueing Mojaing for refunds.

So the answer is No minecraft will most likely never add emerald tools.

Thankyou for reading!

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04/14/2015 8:19 pm
Level 20 : Expert Dragon
moonkey27 avatar
i agree with this blog
11/14/2014 10:57 pm
Level 28 : Expert Network
Swag Lord
Swag Lord avatar
Your impeccable logic states that since gold is rare, the tools should not only be faster, but also last longer than iron.
04/01/2019 1:37 pm
Level 8 : Apprentice Explorer
DraggyPigeons avatar
gold is faster than diamond why don't people know the facts
11/14/2014 10:54 pm
Level 28 : Expert Network
Swag Lord
Swag Lord avatar
That's sad D:
09/02/2014 6:24 pm
Level 43 : Master Spider Rider
SpiderMatty avatar
I know! They remove diamonds and replace all the diamond IDs with emerald so they can be replaced by Emerald entirely! xD I joking. They will never add emerald tools EVER!
08/27/2014 11:28 am
Level 87 : Elite Deity
Eastonium avatar
You are totally correct about if emerald tool would be better than diamonds that no one would use them. Take most mods. They add some sort of tool which is 'Better than diamond' Now, in essence, the goal of the game is to get 'That' tool set, not the diamond one.
08/23/2014 5:34 am
Level 60 : High Grandmaster Goblin
CraaZzy avatar
NO! Emeralds are for trading. The wont never add tools. If you want Emerald Tools then go play with Mods
08/23/2014 5:48 am
Level 37 : Artisan Button Pusher
SleepyDog avatar
08/22/2014 11:08 pm
Level 20 : Expert Pirate
Bleyd avatar
It's not that Emerald tools shouldn't exist because they already have a use as currency, it's because demanding the addition of a tool category for every block is pointless and borderline obnoxious. It's like all the kids asking for lapis tools and leaf tools. Something existing in the game isn't a valid reason for it to be arbitrarily craftable into axes and shovels.
08/22/2014 11:12 pm
Level 37 : Artisan Button Pusher
SleepyDog avatar
I couldn't agree with you more.

Thankyou for the feedback!
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