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2mal3 avatar 2mal3
Level 56 : Grandmaster Programmer
2mal3's Tweaks
2mal3's Tweaks Minecraft Data Pack 2mal3's Tweaks Minecraft Data Pack 2mal3's Tweaks Minecraft Data Pack

This datapack adds over 25 small adjustable improvements and tweaks to the normal vanilla game and spice it up a bit. At the same time no big changes are made to the gameplay, so it still feels "vanilla".

πŸ“– Features:
  • Over 25 different improvements and tweaks
  • Still feels "vanilla"
  • All modules can be easily switched on and off via the in-game menu
  • Good performace
  • Multiplayer compatible
All modules can be turned on and off via the in-game menu, so you only have to use the ones you want. This can be opened with the command /function #2mal3:2tw/menuAt the beginning all modules are switched off.

πŸ“ Tweaks:
  • Anti creeper grief: Prevents Creeper from causing block damage.
  • Armor Stand Arms: Gives all armor stands arms.
  • Better End Crystals: Prevents protected End Crystals from being easily destroyed from the ground.
  • Block damage: Players standing in rose bushes or stonecutters get damage.
  • Bush hiding: Players who sneak in high plants become invisible.
  • Damage infection: Players who take damage have a certain probability to get infected and receive negative effects.
  • Death chest: Spawns a death chest at died players with their items.
  • Death coordinates: In case of a death, the coordinates and the dimension of the dead point are displayed.
  • Disabled ender eyes: Ender eyes can no longer be used.
  • End above overworld: The player can go the end by flying high up in the overworld, and back by falling into the void in the end.
  • Glow Berries glow: Players who eat glow berries get a short glowing effect.
  • Invisible see invisible: Invisible can see each other.
  • Nerfed elytra: Nerfs Elytras by making them impossible to enchant or repair.
  • No to expensive: Place an unrepairable item in an item frame on an anvil to reset its repair cost.
  • Old regeneration: The old pre 1.9 regeneration.
  • Path generator: Slowly generates a path along much-used routes.
  • Random respawn: When you die, you respawn at a random location within a radius of 2000 blocks around the spawn.
  • Realistic fire: Fire is more relaistic.
  • Realistic torches: Torches burn out over time.
  • Server time: As long as no player is on the server, the time is stopped.
  • Spectator sense: Players in spectator mode are displayed with individual particles.
  • Speed paths: You can run faster on path blocks.
  • Spyglass selection: Sneak while looking at an entity with a spyglass to highlight it for a short time.
  • Unlock all recipes: Automatically unlocks all recipes.
  • Wandering Trader notifications: When a Wandering Trader appears a notification is sent to all players and gets a short glowing effect.

πŸ“Š Bug reports:
I do test my datapack, but I do not find all the bugs. To improve the quality, it helps a lot if you tell me about any bugs you find, so I can fix them. You can do this either on the ​Planet Minecraft website as a comment or on the GitHub website as an issue. To help me better, it would also be handy if you debug the datapack. You can do this by simply run the command
/function #2mal3:2tw/debugand write the displayed message into the bug report.

πŸ’Ύ Versions:
πŸš€ Performance
The performance of the datapack depends strongly on the activated modules, all modules have a different influence. As long as none is activated, the datapack consumes almost no resources.
But normally there should be no noticeable lags on small or medium sized survival worlds.
βœ… Compatibility with other datapacks
The datapack is incompatible with datapacks that:
  • Use creeper for explosions (conflict with anti_creeper_grief module)
  • Modify the player death (conflict with death_chest module and may with death coordinates module)
  • Use flying ender eyes (conflict with disabled_ender_eyes module)
  • Where the player needs to go verry deep or hight in the world (conflict with end_above_overworld module)
  • Assign players to other teams (conflict with invisible_see_invisible module)
  • Change the game rules doDaylightCycle, doWeatherCycle, doFireTick and randomTickSpeed (conflict with server_time module)
  • Provide Elytras via ways other than End Ships (conflict with nerfed_elytra module)
  • Reset enchantment cost of items (conflict with nerfed_elytra module)
  • Using wandering traders who are not supposed to be seen (conflict with wandering_trader_notifications module)
However, the datapack should be compatible with other datapacks that follow the datapack conventions

πŸ”„ Updating
Just replace the old datapack file with the new one and reload the world. The rest is done by the datapack.
β™» Uninstallation
  • Execute the command /function #2mal3:2tw/uninstall
  • Confirm that you want to uninstall the datapack
  • Optional: Delete the datapack file from the datapack folder of the world
  • Reload the world
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.17

3 Update Logs

Update v1.3.0 : 09/07/2021 3:28:23 pmSep 7th

Here finally a sign of life from me. My motivation is currently focused on other things, which is why updates will come a bit less often. But I'm still working on the datapacks. So, now to the update.With this update 6 new modules are added, most of them based on new 1.17 mechanics and items like the glow berries and the spyglass. I also changed the nerfed elytra module so that you can now enchant the elytra with unbreaking. The old version was too annoying.

  • Glow berries glow module
  • End above overworld module
  • Unlock all recipes module
  • Spyglass selection module
  • Spectator sense module
  • [​Experimental] Death chest module

  • Nerfed elytra module made less rigorous
  • [​Internal] Clearer folder structure

Bug fixes:
  • Anti Creeper grief could sometimes kill players instantly

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06/21/2021 4:01 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
The1holy avatar
  • Realistic fire: Fire is more relaistic.
Thanks for the wonderful explanation
06/25/2021 6:00 am
Level 56 : Grandmaster Programmer
2mal3 avatar
I guess I wanted to finish the description quickly.

So, with this module, burning arrows actually ignite the blocks they'e stuck in, burning entities ignite their surroundings, and creepers that burn can explode.
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