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2mal3 avatar 2mal3
Level 60 : High Grandmaster Technomancer
No Lag Datapack
release No Lag [1.19] Minecraft Data Pack downloads

This datapack improves and optimizes the performance of the minecraft world to ensure a good gaming experience. To achieve this, this datapack uses over 6 efficient methods, more than similar datapacks that use only a few methods. These methods can be easily configured via the in game GUI, which provides additional information and special actions. Thereby the datapack was designed with performance in mind, so that it has almost no effect on the game performance itself.

📖 Features:
  • Over 6 different methods to reduce lag that actually work
  • Does not affect important entities
  • Simple in-game GUI with many settings
  • Additional information about the world
  • Does not create lag itself

By default, all farm animals, bosses, decorative entities, pets, near entities and entities with names are not deleted. However, all are frozen if they are too far away from a player, except if they are an end boss or have the name ignore.
Additionally, all entities that are within 64 blocks of an armor stand named ignore will not be frozen.

All settings and actions can be done via the in game GUI. To open it you just have to type command:
/function #nola:menuinto the chat (only works with command permissions).

📝 Methods to reduce lag
  • Entities that are too far away from a player are frozen
  • In certain intervals all unimportant entities are deleted
  • Multiple Xp Orbs are combined
  • Collision of farm animals are deactivated
  • tems despawn earlier
  • Les entities can stand together on one block
  • If too many entities of the same type are too close to each other, all other entities of the species will be deleted
📒 Notes:
  • Tested for Fabric and Vanilla in 1.19
  • Not tested with Forge, Bukkti, Spigot and PaperSpigot but probably don't work
  • To uninstall, simply click in the datapack menu on Uninstall this datapack and then remove the datapack from the worlds folder
  • The datapack should be compatible with other datapacks that follow the datapack conventions. With others, problems may occur
  • The datapack was created with mc-build
  • The datapack should not create any lag by itself


The ONLY purpose of the datapack is to improve the TPS, NOT the FPS. There may be an FPS improvement in singleplayer mode, but this is more because the computer has to spend less time on other calculations. If you are looking for real FPS improvement, I would recommend Fabric/Quilt with Sodium.
If your server has performance problems, I would also advise you to try PaperSpigot or Fabric/Quilt with Lithium first, as these are much more powerful than this datapack.
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.19

28 Update Logs

Update v3.0.3 : by 2mal3 06/11/2022 9:21:31 amJun 11th

  • support for 1.19 (thanks to Rob333)
  • ugly dot removed from lag clear messages
  • broken datapack update
  • pets with owners get deleted by the lag clear
  • typos

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07/01/2022 10:49 am
Level 1 : New Miner
SeaSquatch avatar
Does it delete item frames?
07/01/2022 11:10 am
Level 60 : High Grandmaster Technomancer
2mal3 avatar
Only if there is no item in them
06/12/2022 4:12 am
Level 16 : Journeyman Taco
Xboy1282 avatar
Does it work with 1.17/1.18? If not both just one is fine
06/12/2022 5:15 am
Level 60 : High Grandmaster Technomancer
2mal3 avatar
There is a relatively new version for 1.18, which can be downloaded here.
I just want to point out that this version will no longer be supported and may contain bugs that will not be fixed.
06/11/2022 4:13 pm
Level 25 : Expert Sus
Rob333 avatar
I don't know why but the first link gets bugged in the last updates.
The good thing is that i already downloaded this from github link that is working correctly.
06/12/2022 5:19 am
Level 60 : High Grandmaster Technomancer
2mal3 avatar
Strange, it works for me. Can you maybe test whether this is still the case?
06/12/2022 3:23 pm
Level 25 : Expert Sus
Rob333 avatar
It worked today.
06/11/2022 2:16 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
M_gamer606 avatar
"Does not delete pets"
CRAP, all my cats GONE
06/11/2022 4:10 pm
Level 25 : Expert Sus
Rob333 avatar
Really weird, in any update heppened me that, i even checked and the cats are registered in the ignore tag.
06/11/2022 2:35 pm
Level 60 : High Grandmaster Technomancer
2mal3 avatar
This bug has probably been fixed in the latest update.
However, it may take a while for the download link to update.
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