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JossHendren avatar JossHendren
Level 29 : Expert Miner
A few weeks back, Twitch Rivals ran a Minecraft Bingo challenge, where different four-player teams competed to get the most lines on an Advancement Bingo scorecard as quickly as possible. I ended up playing a few rounds myself, but tabbing back and forth between the scorecard and the game was a pain and there was no easy way to keep track of your score.

So I made a data pack to do all that in the game instead.

Advancement Bingo v1.0 for 1.16+

Advancement Bingo is a game mode where you have 4 hours to complete as many bingo lines on the Advancements tab as you can. It's a mix of speedrunning, strategy, and pure luck depending on the seed you get - and it's fun as hell. Play by yourself or with a group of people on a server (advancements sync up with everyone else online) and try to get the lowest score after 4 hours that you can.

How to play Advancement Bingo

Start a new world

Make sure you have Cheats On (so you can reload the pack) and Generate Structures on (so it's not boring). Don't move from the spawn point.

I normally play on a random seed to keep things fresh, but you can play with set seeds as well (I'd recommend playing on AdvancementBingo if you want to compare scores). If you're on a random seed, this gives you a chance to take a look around and make sure the seed doesn't suck. If you wanna start on an island in the middle of nowhere, be my guest though.

Load the data pack

Open up the data pack folder for your new world, drag and drop AdvancementBingo_v1.0.zip in and go back to your game. Use /reload the reload everything, and you should get all the starting information. Press "L" to open your advancements and look at the bingo scoreboard, and start moving to start the game!

Get the lowest score you can

Once you start moving, you have 4 hours to get as many lines on the Advancement Bingo scoreboard as you can. That's right - individual advancements don't do anything, you only get points when you complete a row, column, or one of the two diagonals.
If you're playing on a single player world, you can pause the timer by opening the Advancements tab or opening the menu. This gives you 4 hours of in-game time to play, but you can open to LAN or host it on a server to make it 4 hours of real-world time.
Every time you get a line, the time remaining is subtracted from your total score, so a low score is better. At the end of the 4 hours (or if you somehow finish the whole board in less than 4 hours), you'll get a message in the chat with your score.

Post your score!

Let me know how you did! Drop a comment here with your score, the seed you played on, and how many people you played so you can compare your score with anyone else you played.

There's just one bingo card at the moment with completely vanilla advancements, but if people like this one I'll put some more together with other vanilla advancements (and maybe some custom advancements down the line).

I'd recommend playing with a mod that increases the size of the Advancements window (like Better Advancements or Advancements Enlarger), and I play with Optifine (for dynamic lighting and just generally improving performance) and some resource packs from Vanilla Tweaks. But hey, you do you.

I hope you have fun!
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.16
toMinecraft 1.17

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08/09/2020 9:15 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Kryuuzik avatar
This is a really interesting idea, but sadly does not work. The advancements tab is simply blank saying "There is nothing here" when trying to use the datapack. This is with me reloading it/creating a new world with the datapack etc.
08/09/2020 9:47 pm
Level 29 : Expert Miner
JossHendren avatar
That's super weird! I've tested it a bunch and it's always worked. Do you get the messages in chat/the title when you reload the pack? What version are you in? Do you have any other data packs installed?
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