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Zakhan_Kimah avatar Zakhan_Kimah
Level 31 : Artisan Miner
This Data Pack adds Potions of all the effects in Minecraft plus a few made by myself. (Made for 1.16.4)

To get these new Potions you have to kill witches. A witch has a 50% chance of dropping a potion with a random effect, potion type, and potency. Normal, drinkable potions, are most common, thereafter splash and lastly lingering. Most potions have 3 different potencies for each of the three potion types, so every effect has at most 9 different variants.

Here is a link to all status effects.

There are a few others:

Potion of Bolt - A potion that makes you traverse the land even faster than before.
Potion of Chains - A potion that makes you super slow.
Potion of Life - A potion that heals you fully.
Potion of Death - A potion that kills you instantly.
Potion of Uncontrolled Healing - A potion that gives you insane regeneration.
Potion of Damage Immunity - A potion that makes you invulnerable to all damage.
Potion of Health - Gives you an extra 10 hearts
Potion of Berserk Rage - Gives you Strength, Resistance, and Nausea.
Potion of the Golden Apple - Copies the effects of a Golden Apple.
Potion of the Notch Apple - Copies the effects of an Enchanted Golden Apple.
Potion of the Totem - Copies the effects of a Totem of Undying.

If you change the pack_format in the pack.mcmeta file this data pack should work from 1.14 when the Hero of the Village was added to the most recent versions.

If you want to remove a potion it is only to remove an entry from the witch.json file.

The only potion that cannot be dropped when a witch is killed is the Potion of the Turtle Master because I was unable to find the color of the potion.

Looting doesn't affect the drop rates of the potions, Luck however increases the chance of potions that are rarer.
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.14
toMinecraft 1.17

2 Update Logs

Update #2 : by Zakhan_Kimah 07/11/2021 3:40:32 pmJul 11th, 2021

Renamed Potion of Glowing to Potion of Illumination.
Renamed Potion of Mining Fatigue to Potion of Dullness.

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03/23/2021 6:01 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
loslas3 avatar
The most amazing data pack ever!!!!! Love this. Great job.
01/12/2021 9:45 pm
Level 29 : Expert Princess
Kate1902019 avatar
Make the Potion of the Totem has Fire Protection II like in Bedrock Edition.
Stupid Mojang makes the Totem's Fire Protection II into Fire Protection I.
07/12/2021 2:35 am
Level 55 : Grandmaster Nerd
Pleasenotme avatar
Fire protection II is no better than Fire protection I
07/11/2021 4:08 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Accountforcommentingbruh avatar
theres no difference between fire res 2 and 1
01/13/2021 1:32 am
Level 1 : New Miner
ZipedyZ4k avatar
dont call mojang stupid, they develop minecraft and it was nice
01/13/2021 5:01 amhistory
Level 29 : Expert Princess
Kate1902019 avatar
Why? They nerfed the Fire Protection status effect on the totem of undying.
Since the Bedrock Edition's totem of undying is Fire Protection II(which is higher than in Java Edition).
Mojang needs to stop nerfing OP items(such as totem of undying, Notch apple, golden apple etc.)
01/13/2021 10:09 am
Level 31 : Artisan Miner
Zakhan_Kimah avatar
I have changed it to Fire Resistance II since I already had changed the Potion of the Notch Apple to Bedrock's Regeneration V for 30 seconds instead of Java's Regeneration II for 20 seconds.
01/13/2021 9:46 pm
Level 29 : Expert Princess
Kate1902019 avatar
It's really annoying that Mojang makes the status effects on the Notch apple and totem of undying to be higher than Java Edition.
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