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avatar ChromaKey
Level 3 : Apprentice Miner

This very simple datapack reduces the information available on the debug screen in favor of in-game tools to increase immersion.

You can view your current coordinates by holding a compass or the light level at your position by holding a clock. The information is displayed above the hotbar.

As always, mainhand overrides offhand (ex. compass in offhand, clock in mainhand -> light level is displayed)

For lodestone compasses, current coords are displayed while holding it in the mainhand, whereas holding it in the offhand displays the coordinates of the targeted lodestone (unless the target is destroyed, in which case it displays current coords). This works in all dimensions, regardless of the location of the lodestone.

This is a better alternative to coordinate hud packs, as those take up the actionbar at all times, making them incompatible with many other datapacks which would use the actionbar to display information to the player.

Uninstall with /function antif3:uninstall. You can reactivate the pack with /function antif3:setup.
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.16
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