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Required Resource Pack
Ellivers avatar Ellivers
Level 50 : Grandmaster Engineer
This pack is outdated. Click here for the new version.

Better Bread (originally developed as Sandwiches Galore, which can be seen in the files) is a submission for a datapack jam with the theme Food & Cooking. This is the submitted version, and not the full one.
Better Bread adds 1 new crop, 2 new blocks, 2 new breads and a whole new bread making process. The vanilla bread recipe is removed, because it's not fun enough.

You can find wheat and buckwheat seeds by breaking regular grass.
Dried nether sprouts can be made by smelting nether sprouts in a normal furnace.

Plant some buckwheat seeds on farmland to grow them. You can't bonemeal them, since I forgot to implement that. However, you can set the name $growthAttemptPoint with the "sandwiches" objective to a low value to make them grow faster.
Once it is fully grown, the crop has white parts at the top, and you can harvest it.

To craft a Grinder, throw these items on the ground close to each other:
- 6x iron ingots
- 3x smooth stone

A grinder's GUI looks like this:
Better Bread Minecraft Data Pack

The left slot is for input, the right one is the output.
You can shift + click items into the left slot.
You can use either of the following to make the corresponding flour:
8x buckwheat seeds
3x wheat
5x dried nether sprouts

To then make the dough, you need to first throw a regular bowl onto the ground to place it.
(The bowl can be removed by removing the block underneath it.)
You then need to craft a whisk. You can do that by throwing these items on the ground close to each other:
1x stick
1x iron ingot

Firstly, place your flour of choice into the bowl by right-clicking it (or whatever your use keybind is).
Then, pour water into it using a water bottle (you'll be given an empty glass bottle).
A bowl with buckwheat flour and water in it
Be careful, when you break a bowl its contents will not drop.
You then right-click the bowl with your wisp, and you'll make some dough.

The next step is to make an Oven. To do this, throw these items on the ground close to each other:
5x iron ingots
5x cobblestone
1x glass pane

The oven's GUI looks like this:
Better Bread Minecraft Data Pack
It mostly works the same as a furnace.
The only two items the oven accepts as fuel are coal and charcoal.
Place your dough into the top slot, wait, and voila, your bread is done!

CompatibilityMinecraft 1.16

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04/14/2020 10:01 pm
Level 34 : Artisan Modder
nathan2221 avatar
any chance of a way for us to add our own recipes to the oven? because I've been looking into how to make a custom furnace
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