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Better Pickaxes - 3 New Enchantments!

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SozoKa's Avatar SozoKa
Level 37 : Artisan System

Better Pickaxes

Better Pickaxes is a really complete datapack that improves your mining experience by adding 3 new enchantments to the game:• Vein MinerBetter MiningSmeting

Those 3 enchantments can be obtained by finding Divine Books in : Buried Treasures ; Library's chests (in Strongholds) ; End Cities' chests ; Bastions treasure chests.

All enchantments are compatible with those new 3. Like silk touch and all 3 levels or fortune. It will not break your old pickaxes if you add these divine enchantments to them.


Buried Treasures:

There is an 80% chance that 1 out of the 3 Divine Books can be looted in a Buried Treasure.

Library's chests:

Each Divine Book has a 25% chance to be looted in a Library's Chest.*

End Cities's chests:

Each Divine Book has a 15% chance to be looted in a End Cities' Chest.*

Bastion's teasure chests:

Each Divine Book has a 25% chance to be looted in a Bastion's treasure Chest.*

*There can't be 2 Divine Books with the same enchantment in one chest. They always will be different.


Vein Miner:

It allows you to instantly mine an ore vein.

Better Mining:

Makes you mine a 3x3 surface, depending of where you look. (x, y and z axes)


Smelts automatically ores and blocks so you don't have to smelt them in furnaces.

Blocks affected:

Vein Miner:

The blocks affected by vein miner are :
• Coal Ore
• Iron Ore
• Copper Ore
• Gold Ore
• RedStone Ore
• Lapis Ore
• Diamond Ore
• Emerald Ore
• Quartz Ore
• Nether Gold Ore

Better Mining:

The blocks affected by better mining are :
• Stone
• Granite, Diorite & Andesite
• Sandstone
• Netherrack
• Blackstone
• Basalt
• End Stone
• Deepslate
• Calcite
• Tuff
• Dripstone


The blocks affected by smelting are :
• Cobblestone & Stone > Stone
• Sand & Redsand > Glass
• Copper Ore > Copper Ingot**
• Iron Ore > Iron Ingot**
• Gold Ore > Gold Ingot**
• Nether Gold Ore > Gold Ingot***
• Ancient Debris > Netherite Scrap
• Netherrack > Nether Brick
• Clay > 4 Bricks
• Clay > Terracotta***
• Cobbled Deepslate & Deepslate > Deepslate

**Affected by Fortune ! (percentages are respected)
***Only if you have Silk Touch

⚠️Smelting can be applied on shovels to mine Sand and Clay faster !


To enchant your tools, you have to :
• Have an undamaged anvil (It's going to be destroyed after the enchantment)
• 30 levels
• One of the 3 Divine Books
• A pickaxe/shovel

Then, throw your tool at the anvil with the desired book. And voilà! Finito.


To disenchant your tools, you can simply throw them on a grindstone with a gravel block and the custom enchantment will be gone. (Warning : The glint effect will still be on your tool, so just disenchant it again, but the minecrafty way this time)


To get the books by giving them to you, you can type these commands in the chat or in a command block :

/loot give @p loot betterpickaxev2:book/vein-miner
/loot give @p loot betterpickaxev2:book/better-mining
/loot give @p loot betterpickaxev2:book/smelting

To remove all scoreboards, run this command before unistalling the datapack :

/function betterpickaxev2:-remove-scores
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.16
toMinecraft 1.18

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