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Buffet Survival [Datapack Edition]

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legopitstop's Avatar legopitstop
Level 76 : Legendary Programmer

This project has been discontinued and will not be updated!

Buffet Survival [Datapack Edition] Minecraft Data Pack Buffet Survival [Datapack Edition] Minecraft Data Pack Buffet Survival [Datapack Edition] Minecraft Data Pack

This Datapack allows you to be able to play in survival mode on the 1.13.2+ Buffet world preset. This datapack works for versions 1.13 - 1.16

How Create A Buffet World? (1.13-1.15)

1. On home/game menu click "Singleplayer"
2. Then click "Create New World"
3. Next click "More World Options..."
4. Next click "World Type: Default" click that button until it says "World Type: Buffet" (about 4 times)
5. Finally, click "Customize" Continue below

Click what generator you want:
-Surface (Like Regular world, One biome)
-Caves (Like Nether)
-Floating Islands (Like End)

Select Biome:
(This section has ALL Minecraft biomes [​select one])

Better Sky Island (1.16+) This feature is highly experimental and unstable. It can change in future versions.

in addition to the datapack above you can download a better sky island which will make the overworld a sky island-like like before but will now have a normal biome generation! meaning if you get bored of the same biome you can move to another one!.

How to add the custom Sky Island
1. Download and unzip the zip folder, you should see 2 .json files, one has sky nether gen the other doesn't
2. First click "Singleplayer"
3. Next click "Create New World"
4. Fourth click "More World Options..."
5. Click import settings
6. navigate to where you downloaded and unzipped the file.
7. open the unzipped file, then select which one you want, one will make the nether island like the end/overworld or the other will keep it the same as vanilla.

I may create a video on how to do install + install the datapack

What Does This Datapack Add?

This datapack adds in Custom recipes to make it easy/possible to get most items in the game.
For recipe images to go https://legopitstop.weebly.com/datapack_recipes.html/[​tab not created yet] do "/recipe give @p buffetcraft:" and/or "/recipe give @p buffetsmelt:"

Recipe List:

-ALL chainmail armor
-ALL horse armor
More Crafting Recipes Coming Soon!

-potato (comes from poisonous_potato)
-diamond_ore (comes from coal block, takes about 1 min)
-More Iron Nugget Smelting shears, bucket, flint_and_steel
More Smelting Recipes Coming Soon!

Custom Villagers: Rename villager to
transform to villagers below

Villager.1  Enchanted Items
Villager.2a  Ores I
Villager.2b  Ores II
Villager.2c  Ores III
Villager.3  Payment
Villager.4a  Plants I
Villager.4b  Plants II
Villager.4c  Plants III

Legopitstop's Common License

Buy Me a Coffee at ko-fi.com www.patreon.com
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.13
toMinecraft 1.16

6 Update Logs

Update #6 : by legopitstop 07/16/2020 4:39:11 pmJul 16th, 2020

V1.2 Changelog

+ recipes are moved into one recipe subfolder.
+ added /trigger BuffetInfo - command to show what features are in the pack
+ new item naming system (will support more lang)
+ add magma block -> magma cream recipe
+ added gravel -> sand and vise versa recipe
+ added coal -> black dye
+ added char coal -> black dye
+ black dye -> ink sac
+ wool -> 4 string
+ nether wart block -> 9 nether wart
+ saddle -> 5 leather
+ bell recipe
[C] [P] [C]
[C] [G] [C] = [B]
[C] [_] [C]

C=cobblestone wall P=planks G=gold block

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06/21/2019 11:06 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
ysd74's Avatar
Recently created a buffet world, this is gonna be an amazing addition!
04/01/2019 12:48 pm
Level 2 : Apprentice Explorer
ArleyPlayzYOUTUBE's Avatar
lol ur potato laptop can only run superflat minecraft worlds at 20 fps
04/01/2019 6:16 pm
Level 76 : Legendary Programmer
legopitstop's Avatar
Yea, I am trying to save up for a better laptop.
04/01/2019 12:52 pm
Level 19 : Journeyman Toast
Albertstuff's Avatar
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