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Level 36 : Artisan System
This datapack adds a portable Command Block in book form,
you can configure how what is written in the book is executed on the first page.

The following pages are those in which you have to write the command you want to execute.

On the first page you can configure:

1- If the command book will be activated or not after closing it.

2- If the commands inside of it will be cleared or not after activating it.

3- How many times does the commands written in it be executed after activating it. (WARNING: the limit is 64 times!)

4- If it's conditional or not.

The order in which the commands are executed is according to the pages,
so the command on page 5 will be executed after the one on page 4,
which will be executed after page 3, and so on.

There are 99 pages where you can write the commands

The Command Book will be given to the first player that enters in the world after installing the datapack
(unless it's a server)

It is possible to craft a Command Book by dropping a Command Block and a Book/Book and Quill

I've made a demonstration on how to use it in this YouTube video
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.18
toMinecraft 1.19

1 Update Logs

Update : by PALKIP 11/18/2022 2:01:39 pmNov 18th, 2022

if you find any bugs, please report them, possibly with details about the bug that will allow me to fix it efficiently, i will do a Command Book 2 soon anyway

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Gaming Teddy Bear
12/15/2022 3:58 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Gaming Teddy Bear's Avatar
How did you even make this?
And it's Multi-Item compatible too?
11/19/2022 9:01 am
He/Him • Level 44 : Master Carrot Toast
Juillyoom's Avatar
this is pretty useful also you're italian too?
11/19/2022 8:02 am
Level 38 : Artisan Engineer
RkeyCap's Avatar
YO This is SO EPIC DUDE!!!
07/12/2022 11:51 am
Level 2 : Apprentice Miner
jaditwo's Avatar
is this for 1.19?
07/12/2022 11:34 am
Level 2 : Apprentice Miner
jaditwo's Avatar
bruh this is so cool i have already downloaded this
02/12/2022 12:52 am
Level 1 : New Miner
mummykiler's Avatar
hey is there a way to make it so that the options u gave the book wont reset after activation pls and thank u
02/05/2022 9:32 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Rotok's Avatar
This is amazing; would love to make this a portal book for a myst like server :)
02/05/2022 1:54 pm
Level 46 : Master Slime Tamer
Czebosak's Avatar
How is this working? I'm a datapack maker myself and I just can't figure out how this is working.
11/20/2022 10:15 pm
Level 30 : Artisan Explorer
Picarrow's Avatar
a little late would be an understatement

but essentially he made it so that the pack spawns command blocks in the nether. then when the book is written in, it copies the commands from the book into the command blocks in the nether. the command blocks in the nether execute the commands that were written in the books. that's ab it.
01/02/2023 3:59 pm
Level 46 : Master Slime Tamer
Czebosak's Avatar
that's simpler than i expected