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Level 12 : Journeyman Crafter
Hello and thank you for checking out my datapack.
This pack, as the name implies, adds and changes recipes in the game.
You should be able to learn all the recipes changed as normal excluding
crafting them unless you know the new recipe.
Repairing items in crafting grid has been removed.
The stonecutter is now Required for you to make stairs, walls, slabs, or similar items with
stone materials.
Infested blocks are now picked up with silk touch.
All recipes should have a way to learn them as you play through the game.
Need a hint? Check below.

Spawner: The spawner is very expensive, try getting items that would be very hard to get.

Spawn Eggs: Maybe interacting with the mobs will give you an idea, try getting an unusual egg as well.
Some spawn eggs require you to use another spawn egg in it's recipe. Try crafting any
that you can.

Chainmail armor: No, chains are not used. You'll need 12 iron for a full set.

Have a question? Check below first, there may be your answer.

Change/remove XYZ please! - Anything changed from a normal recipe can be changed/removed by going into
the "data/minecraft/recipes" folder and doing so. Any new recipe is in the "quizfox_custom/recipes" folder.

Why is XYZ not a recipe / Why did you change XYZ? - XYZ is not a recipe either because
I havent done one for it, I feel the recipe is fine on it's own, or it shouldn't have one.
I changed XYZ to make it a little more balanced or logic purposes.

Why isn't diamond armor/tools recyclable? - Anything with durability is kind of
hard to make a recycle recipe for and keep it from being explioted. Diamond armor
to diamonds could basically create diamonds for free.

Why is XYZ so expensive? - To create a balance for items I personally deem too
overpowered to just be able to have or the item is normally uncraftable.

Why does wool to string require flint? - I see it as a way to "straighten" the wool
out, It would make "wool washing" unnecessary without it as well.

Why do I need "Uncraftable potion/tipped arrow"? - The game recognizes any
tipped arrow or potion (including water bottles) as "uncraftable". You can use
any tipped arrow/potion (water bottle) respectfully in that recipe.

Can I use XYZ in my own datapack? - I request that you don't (unless you don't plan on
uploading it) for a few reasons. Some recipes/ideas are not Entirely my own idea (See below),
and to keep spam/duplicate postings to a minimum.

You just took XYZ's Idea! - Some recipes are the same as others or very similar.
Some of these ideas were basic that anyone could make, or well made that even I saw
the logic of using them. If you believe I copied your recipe I'll gladly give you credit if I
am aware I took your idea or was heavily inspired by it. (Don't fake it...)

Credits for inspiration:
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.16
toMinecraft 1.17 Snapshot
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