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    Required Resource Pack
    Croesus avatar Croesus
    Level 43 : Master Architect
    Download this datapack to crawl anywhere, anytime! Just look down and sneak to start crawling, and press space to stand back up!

    This datapack works with Minecraft versions 1.18 to 1.19.2 (the latest version of Minecraft!)

    How to use:

    • To crawl, look down and sneak
    • To stand up, press space or look up

    ⚠️ Optifine Users ⚠️

    The regular resourcepack may not work with Optifine. Use this alternative resourcepack made by u/ChaosFile: https://bit.ly/InvisibleShulkerPack

    More gameplay possibilities!

    Enhanced survival!

    Hide your secret base!


    • Toggle crawling on/off for yourself with /trigger toggleCrawl
    • Customize how far you must look down to start crawling with /trigger customizeCrawlAngles
    • Manage the datapack via a user-friendly menu with /function ezcrawl:menu


    Angle customzation


    Download Instructions
    - Download the datapack .zip file
    - Drop the file into .minecraft/saves/YOUR_WORLD_NAME/datapacks
    - In the world, type /reload

    - Download the resourcepack .zip file
    - Drop the file into .minecraft/resourcepacks

    Alternatively, you can add this datapack during world creation.

    Developer Information
    All players who are crawling have a score in objective ezcrawl.crawling. This starts at 1 and increments for each tick that the player is crawling. Using this, players can be targeted as in the examples below:
    execute as @a[scores={ezcrawl.crawling=1}] run say I started crawling!
    effect give @a[scores={ezcrawl.crawling=1..}] invisibility 1 0 true

    This datapack uses an invisible shulker to make the player crawl. To increase immersion, the datapack makes entities standing on top of the shulker fall through by teleporting them downwards 0.01 of a block.

    In very rare scenarios, this may affect entities that should not fall through and break something. (For example, a player crawls under a NoGravity armor stand at just the right height, teleporting it from 64.00 to 63.99.)

    To prevent this, you can tag entities with "ezcrawl.fall_through_immune" so they will not fall through the shulker.

    TERMS OF USE (Updated July 12, 2022)
    CC BY-NC license
    Crawling Datapack © 2019 by Croesus is licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0 .

    If you would like to reuse this datapack, you must give credit to the creator. You may distribute, remix, adapt, and build upon the material in any medium or format, for noncommercial purposes only.

    An exception is made for commercial video content, in which the author must verbally inform their audience of a direct link to this webpage as credit. Verbal phrases can refer to this datapack as simply as "download in the description."

    Support me on Patreon!
    CompatibilityMinecraft 1.18
    toMinecraft 1.19

    16 Update Logs

    v17 EasyCrawl Update : by Croesus 07/19/2022 9:58:25 amJul 19th

    • Rebranded datapack to "EasyCrawl"
    • Overhauled custom settings and added a streamlined in-game editor
    • Added a datapack menu and 4 info pages (Info, Settings, Help, Credits), all accessible via /function
    • Reorganized most functions into a folder (zz_private) for a more user-friendly interface when searching and running /function commands
    • Changed namespace from "croesus" and "cr_crawl" to just "ezcrawl"
    • Changed the uninstall message to suggest /reload upon click instead of running it
    • Slightly increased the height of the shulker to allow crawling up a 0.6 block incline
    • Simplified pack.mcmeta "description" field
    • Entities with tag "ezcrawl.fall_through_immune" do not fall through the shulker (for developers)

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    08/07/2022 12:03 am
    Level 1 : New Miner
    OriginalH1h avatar
    For some reason, the resource pack works fine. However stuff like the textures for the mob heads, different colored beds, the conduit, and shields to just turn pitch black. Have you encountered this at some point?
    08/07/2022 12:52 pm
    Level 43 : Master Architect
    Croesus avatar
    There is likely a compatibility issue with another resource pack you are using. Try moving this resource pack up in the list to prioritize it above others.

    The resource for the EasyCrawl datapack modifies the rendertype_entity_solid and rendertype_entity_cutout_no_cull_z_offset shaders. If other resource packs modify these, there will be conflict.
    08/08/2022 12:52 am
    Level 1 : New Miner
    OriginalH1h avatar
    I moved it to the very top of priority, and searched through all my other resource packs and couldn't find any of them editing either shader. So I'm still not sure what is causing it.
    08/08/2022 9:28 am
    Level 43 : Master Architect
    Croesus avatar
    What version of Minecraft are you playing? And are you playing Vanilla or modded (e.g. Optifine)?
    08/08/2022 4:50 pm
    Level 1 : New Miner
    OriginalH1h avatar
    1.19.1 and yes with optifine
    08/09/2022 12:34 am
    Level 43 : Master Architect
    Croesus avatar
    It is probably because you are using Optifine. Optifine users can download this texture pack made by u/ChaosFile instead: bit.ly/InvisibleShulkerPack
    08/01/2022 12:05 pm
    Level 26 : Expert Engineer
    SajNinja_PMC avatar
    The way you did this was really smart. I'm impressed
    08/01/2022 7:12 pm
    Level 43 : Master Architect
    Croesus avatar
    Thanks, although I can't take all the credit. I got endless help whilst making this. Consider this datapack the product of an amazing datapack community!
    07/20/2022 10:41 pm
    Level 1 : New Miner
    Outcast_1 avatar
    A great datapack for roleplays! Also, I guess every shulker, when gets an invisibility effect (by a splash potion, for example), will be completely invisible, even the head?
    07/21/2022 10:19 am
    Level 43 : Master Architect
    Croesus avatar
    Not exactly; this resourcepack makes white shulkers completely invisible all the time. Shulkers of any other color are not affected at all.

    Also yes, this datapack is great for roleplays, and countless other uses! The ability to crawl anytime opens up so many possibilities.
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