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Required Resource Pack
Ahmedkiller1912 avatar Ahmedkiller1912
Level 42 : Master Modder

In the name of Allah, the most gracious, the most merciful

Don't use Optifine

All You Need To Know About Deathnote


To Craft Deathnote You Need to Throw

1-Book And Quill,4-Wither_Skeleton_Skull,5-Diamond_block,1-nether_star and 11-netherite_ingot

To Use Deathnote You Need To Type The

nearest [​mob] or

furthest [​mob] or
mob or
Player Name or
mob that had nametag
In Page 2
And Then Type Death type in the Page 3


fell from a high place

was struck by lightning

was blown up by creeper

was slain by wolf

was squashed by a falling anvil

died from a heart_attack

was slain by parrot

froze to death

was skewered by a falling stalactite


was slain by iron_golem

was shot by arrow

starved to death

was slain by cat

was killed by witch using magic


was pricked to death

died from lava

was stung to death

was killed by magic

was poked to death by a sweet berry bush

blew up

went off with a bang

went up in flames

was shot by skeleton

was buried alive

fell out of the world

was hung to death

was killed by ender pearl

was blown up by ender crystal

was killed by guardian using magic

was slain by wither

was killed by music

was killed by [​Intentional Game Design]

was slain by chicken

was killed by dragons breath

was slain by goat

tried to swim in lava

was killed by a car

was killed by a special

got launched

forgot to live

was killed by a baked potato

was electrocuted

was kiled by a Ahmedkiller1912

was killed by blender

Thanks to Cry for changing Death typing

You Can type different mobs type in the deathnote like in page 2 nearest pig and in page3 nearest zombie and in page 4 type the death type


You Can Fight Kira in the game
To Summon Kira
20-Leather,1-Skeleton_skull,1-nether_star and 21-black_dye
Kira Will Use

10 different And Don't Worry I will Not Kill You It will just damge you

when kira health reach 20 it will try to type your name and kill you but before he use the book attack him to kill him

when you kill kira it will drop
20-diamond,24-netherite_ingot and 1 enchanted_golden_apple


You Can Summon Ryuk When You The Deathnote in Your Of Hand

He Will Warn You If There A bad Mob Is Near

And If You Hit Him He Will give you A paper Then You Cand ask him For Orders

If You Want to remove ryuk but the book in you offhand

Orders that you can ask them for

give me 10 diamonds
=20 apple

give me 20 diamonds
=40 apple

give me 30 diamonds
=60 apple

give me 40 diamonds
=80 apple

give me 50 diamonds
=100 apple

give me 60 diamonds
=120 apple

Shinigami Eyes

i want shinigami eyes
=Half Of Your Lifespan

Shinigamio Eyes

Go to hotbar 9 and look at mob you will see his health

Go to hotbar8 and look at the player you will see his inventory

When you see mob's health or inventory you can't see his health or inventory after 5s

You Can't See Health or inventory of someone who had deathnote


give me 16 blaze_rod
=20 apple


give me 16 ender_pearl
=32 apple


give me 10 netherite_ingot
=30 apple

give me 20 netherite_ingot
=60 apple

give me 30 netherite_ingot
=90 apple

give me 40 netherite_ingot
=120 apple


You first need to go to a structure to that can be found in dessert when you find it you will enter about 6 puzzels and then you will go to the final room the gurdian
  • You can type any entity that you want to come to live just type the mob type

  • You can change his hearts that i leave you to type by going to the next page thearts like 5,10,15,20,..100

  • and you can give him an effect that you want like speed or slowness

  • you can add multiplie effect by just type the effect in page and the other effect in the next page

  • if you type control in life note you will control the mobs that thier distance 0..8 that include players and they will defend you
  • you can ask your slaves to do 2 things (if you have any ideas you can say in comments)

Bring some item
you can make them bring you some by type "bring some items"
there is a chance to the mob that you controlled to bring you items or notand if he bring there is a chance to be good items or not

Build house
there is there houses
"Build house1"
"Build house2"
"Build house3"
you need 5 mobs to build you the house

if you type remove control you will remove the control from mobs

The Gurdian
The semigami that defend his lifenote

He will use his stuff to to fight you

He can make a shield that can protect him from any projectiles
He can summon his minions to help him
He can summon tnt around you
He can summon fireballs that he will shot it at you
He can use gravity to hit you in the ground if you touch the small parple laser that he will shoot at you
He can summon a large blast that will damage you a lot
Damage=7 in second
He can make you explode if you hit the small yellow laster that will shoot at you

  When you defeat him he will go to the phase 2

In this pahse he can do a lot of mele attack5 and magic attakcs that he can make combos with them
and he will give you Dark Sword
Dark Sword
if you shift and right click when you stand you can protect yourself from some of gurdian mele attack

if you shift and right click when you walk you will do the dash

if you hit you target 4 times and right click you will summon sword slash

you can defeance any attacksby shift and right click but if the defeance hot bar got fulled you will be stuned

if you defeance at perfect time you will do counter

you can defeance and counter some of gurdian phase 2 attacks

if you hit you target 10 times and right click you will use the full power of the sword that had more damage and can summon a lot sword slash

He will disaper and then will teleport at you and use his sword to kill you
He can summon his minions to help him

He can do sword slash
He can do and explode that if you near it it might kill you
Damage=4 in second
He can do kamehameha
Damage=10 in second
He can summon fireballs
He can summon small blast that will damage you
He can do dash and attack you with his sword
He will summon tornado that will take you up and will teleport at you to damage you

When you defeat him it will run animation and tell you 3 things choose one of them and then you see a chest that has the lifenote
A Question is The Gurdian a human or shinigami

If you found that your health is 1 heart run scoreboard players set @p nnhealth_max 20


When You type the deathtype you must type it correctly becuase you you type the mob and then you type the deathtype wrong the death note will think you want it to death in 5s

Deathnote datapack© By Ahmedkiller1912 is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.An exception is made for video content, which can be monetized. However,
video creators must give appropriate credit by leaving a link to this
page in the video description. If you want to use this in a server just make sure to leave a link to this page somewhere

7-Spanish (thanks to ImNotion)

more language coming soon

Donate link Donate

I want To Thanks Gaming Galaxy For Helping me with the deathnote model

Go Subscribe For His Channel Now

The dark sword texture isn't by me i downloaded it from nova skin

I Want to Thanks CRy Because they test the datapack and found the errors and i fix it

Here is his discord account so if you want him to test something for you

I want to thank AhmedRtx9255929 to help me with the structure and the arena

Go sub for his tik tok channel


Give me a feedback if you found any bug or wanna make a suggestion for this datapack!

If you enjoy the datapack give me a diamond

You Can Play It With Undertale Datapack
To download the lite version Deathnote Datapack lite

CreditKira Model And Ryuk Model and a the codes By Ahmedkiller1912 Deathnote Model By Ahmedkiller1912, Gaming Galaxy and thanks to CRy for helping me with deathtype and the grammer
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.18

36 Update Logs

3.9 : by Ahmedkiller1912 05/17/2023 10:27:44 amMay 17th

fix the minions animation

and fix that the boss bar of the gurdian apper after his death

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02/15/2023 5:15 pm
Level 6 : Apprentice Explorer
Donatello_Homato avatar
what command to use to get life note?
05/24/2023 3:31 am
Level 1 : New Miner
User4601874G avatar
is /function deathnote:life_note/summon
02/16/2023 9:27 am
Level 42 : Master Modder
Ahmedkiller1912 avatar
you should search for the strucutre that in the dessert to get it
02/16/2023 12:40 pm
Level 42 : Master Modder
Ahmedkiller1912 avatar
bec you will find good things in the structure
02/16/2023 9:30 am
Level 42 : Master Modder
Ahmedkiller1912 avatar
if it doesn't work maybe you have used an old version and then but the new make a new world with a new update
02/16/2023 4:56 pm
Level 6 : Apprentice Explorer
Donatello_Homato avatar
Ok ima do that on a world but how do i get with a command??? Cuz like if im on a creative world and just wanna play around
02/16/2023 6:44 pm
Level 42 : Master Modder
Ahmedkiller1912 avatar
/function deathnote:life_note/summon
02/16/2023 7:01 pm
Level 6 : Apprentice Explorer
Donatello_Homato avatar
12/27/2022 2:01 pm
Level 4 : Apprentice Explorer
idk I_FURRU avatar
translate to portuguese
12/29/2022 3:03 pm
Level 42 : Master Modder
Ahmedkiller1912 avatar
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