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Desmodus, The Vampire Bat Origin

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Required Resource Pack
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Level 27 : Expert Architect
The Desmodus Origin provides the player with the experience of being a creature most at their element in the shadows, most at home at night and fluttering about massive underground cave systems. Much thought and balancing was put into making the experience unique without being too obtrusive to general gameplay.


A vile creature of the night, soaring in the moonlight with an endless hunger for the blood of the living.

Only blood of the living can sate your hunger.
  • You cannot eat normal food.
  • Replenish hunger by damaging entities, 1 hunger and 4 saturation per attack.
  • Cannot replenish hunger by damaging undead.

You soar above your prey with powerful wingbeats in the moonlight.
  • Elytra always equipped.
  • When not exposed to daylight, can jump while gliding to give a small boost in altitude.
  • Cannot use fireworks.

Light Frame
You sacrifice strength and size for the gift of flight, as such you are smaller and have less health.
  • 12 HP/6 hearts of health.
  • 0.75 player size if Pehkui is installed.

The sun saps you of your energy, leaving you sluggish and fatigued.
  • Constant slowness 3 and mining fatigue 3 in daylight.

Night Eyes
Your keen eyes pierce the darkness.
  • Constant night vision.

Cave Dweller
In the open air you find no rest. To sleep, you must find shelter.
  • Can only sleep indoors.


You MUST have Origins or Origins Forge installed for this data pack to work properly. To see player size changes, you must also have Pehkui installed.
You MUST install the accompanying resource pack or else the bat wings will display a broken texture.

Drag the DesmodusOrigin.zip into your datapacks folder. Reload your game if you're using an existing save. Add the BatWings.zip to your resource pack folder and activate it.

Remove DesmodusOrigin.zip from your datapacks folder. Reload your game. Remove the BatWings.zip from your resource pack folder.

Q- Will you update this to [...] version of Minecraft?
A- Maybe.

Q- Can I use it in my modpack/server?
A- Yes.

Q- Is it compatible with [...]?
A- Should be.

Q- I don't like [...], can you change it?
A- As long as it doesn't break balance, your suggestion will be considered.

Does not make use of any 1.19 elements, and theoretically could work in previous versions.
Please report any bugs in the comments.
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.19

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