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Withering Dead Origin

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    Dekerrex avatar Dekerrex
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    Adds a Wither Skeleton inspired origin to your game.

    The Withering Dead
    The smoldering, decaying corpse of a bygone life

      Ancient Bones
      -Made brittle by age, your bones will shatter more easily to impacts.

      You take more damage from Smite, and Potion effects are swapped.

      Wither Immunity
      You are immune to Withering Damage.

      Dying Embers
      Your soul is at home in The Nether. You are weaker outside of it, and stronger in the presence of lit souls.

      Decaying Blows
      Your very touch corrupts and decays flesh, bone, and metal alike. Your attacks deal Withering Damage.

      Fortress Haunt
      Wither Skeletons, Blazes, and The Wither are Neutral to you.

      Nether Inhabitant
      Your natural spawn will be in The Nether.

      Fire Immunity
      You are immune to all types of Fire Damage.


    You MUST have Origins or Origins Forge installed for this data pack to work properly.

    Drag the witheringdead.zip into your datapacks folder. Reload your game if you're using an existing save.

    Remove witheringdead.zip from your datapacks folder. Reload your game.

    Q- Will you update this to X version of Minecraft?
    A- Not sure, we'll see.

    Q- Can I use it in my modpack/server?
    A- Yes.

    Q- Is it compatible with X?
    A- Should be.

    Q- I don't like X, can you change it?
    A- As long as it doesn't break balance, X can be considered.
    CreditCreated by Exon, Uploaded with permission by me.
    CompatibilityMinecraft 1.18

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