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Enchantments Limit Break

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Level 47 : Master Engineer
Have you ever felt slow even though using an Efficiency V pickaxe when mining?

Have you ever wanted a more powerful weapon when fighting mobs?

This data pack will satisfy those wishes!

This data pack allows you to combine two enchantments up to level 10 by default.

In addition, it is possible to add enchantments that are originally impossible, such as giving infinity to crossbow.

Compatible versions

- Throw 2 items that merge enchantments on anvil.
-- If 2 items have the same enchantment level, that level increases by 1.
-- If the second thrown item has a higher enchantment level than the first, the first one will be overwritten by the second one.

- It corresponds to "book to book", "book to item", and "item to item".

Corresponding enchantment
- Efficiency
- Sharpness
- Smite
- Bane of Arthropods
- Impaling
- Knockback
- Looting
- Fortune
- Power
- Punch
- Quick Charge (Up to V by default)
- Luck of The Sea
- Lure (Up to V by default)
- Protection
- Fire Protection
- Blast Protection
- Projectile Protection
- Feather Falling
- Respiration
- Thorns
- Channeling (Up to Ⅱ by default, can summon lightning bolt even if it's not thunder)
- Piercing

It does not support curse enchantments.

- No conflict except Riptide, Channeling and Loyalty
- Can give sword enchantments to axe (except Sweeping Edge)
- Can give bow enchantments to crossbow (except Punch)
- Can give Sharpness to Trident. In addition to increasing melee damage, it also increases damage as a projectile.
- Can walk on lava when equip boots with Frost Walker

Modify maximum level
2021.4.19 add

The maximum level of each enchantment can be set with the following command.
/scoreboard players set MaxLevel <Enchant> <level>

The following names can be used for <Enchant>.

- AquaAffinity
- BlastProtection
- Channeling
- DepthStrider
- Efficiency
- FeatherFalling
- FireAspect
- FireProtection
- Flame
- Fortune
- FrostWalker
- Impaling
- Infinity
- Knockback
- Looting
- Loyalty
- LuckOfTheSea
- Lure
- Mending
- Multishot
- P.Protection
- Piercing
- Power
- Protection
- Punch
- QuickCharge
- Respiration
- Riptide
- Sharpness
- SilkTouch
- Smite
- SoulSpeed
- Sweeping
- Thorns
- Unbreaking

Lure and Quick Charge will stop working above level 5 due to Minecraft specifications. Enchants with a Max level of 1 other than Chenneling do nothing, so changing the Max Level has no effect. Channeling also does not have a higher level of behavior set.
Also due to Minecraft specifications, Depth Strider and Sweeping has no effect when executing the command above.
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.18

5 Update Logs

Update #5 : by KKMNNOIR 02/17/2022 8:08:25 amFeb 17th

Fixed some score name.
Fixed a bug where it couldn't enchant a bow to a crossbow.

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05/16/2022 1:42 pmhistory
Level 1 : New Miner
MrMik3yy avatar
boots stats get removed causing them to be useless, even when they are not enchanted. made plain iron boots, and the moment i put them on another tag is created and then the stats are removed and stay removed, as well as some weird audio clinking heard from another player that has boots on in almost a tick follow timer

current version 1.18.2
05/07/2022 6:46 am
Level 1 : New Miner
MCGCast avatar
This datapack doesn't work when /summon commands are used.
04/23/2022 8:52 pm
Level 6 : Apprentice Miner
TheCreep2000 avatar
I would like to remove the procedural enchanting. (so if I add a prot IV and a prot V I would get a prot XI)
How would I do this?
I have gone through the code and have been unable to find any way to modify this.
04/02/2022 10:26 am
Level 3 : Apprentice Miner
Lutece1979 avatar
I don't know why but there are ticking commands on my armor, boots lose their stats when equipped and a horrible noise near a player every second.
05/16/2022 1:38 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
MrMik3yy avatar
it took me awhile to find it but im also having this issue even now :/
03/29/2022 11:53 am
Level 1 : New Miner
cheesemaker1000 avatar
it doesn't work
04/02/2022 4:59 amhistory
Level 1 : New Crafter
Spoon_Boy avatar
Works for me in 1.18.2...? What version are you using?
03/28/2022 2:08 am
Level 1 : New Miner
JustCanYouPlease avatar
03/23/2022 9:26 pmhistory
Level 23 : Expert Engineer
Sansy_Lancy avatar
I want to ask if I can use the enchanting system/function for enchanting the custom weapons on my datapack, basically I'll add the predicate for my custom weapons on the weapons predicate to allow my custom weapons to be enchanted, I'll make sure to give proper credit to you on my datapack
03/18/2022 11:50 amhistory
Level 1 : New Crafter
Spoon_Boy avatar
Using this on my 2-man server in 1.18.2.
It's lots of fun, and adds a ton of item customization and unique strategies to upgrading.
But also hitting some issues. Noting the ones I've found so far:

1: As noted by others, players wearing boots emanate a constant CLANK CLANK CLANK CLANK at others. This also prevents boot stats to apply to the player.

2: Boots seem stunted at Depth Strider 3. It rejected Depth Strider 3 books after that. Code appears to state Depth Strider's max level is 3. Have not yet tested if the Depth Strider 4-10 functionality works once the max level is adjusted.

3: Cannot apply Efficiency to an axe from a book, or upgrade Efficiency on an axe from a book. Will test further.

3: Crossbow would NOT take Power enchantments from books. If you somehow have a Power Crossbow you can combine it with another Power Crossbow, but you'd need to cheat with Creative for that. If I recall, it stemmed from a bug in the code that varies for the book instance, which basically tags Power as category "Bow+BowAndCrossbow" rather than "BowAndCrossbow" like Infinity/Flame are defined.

5: I apparently can upgrade Aqua Affinity to II, III, etc... but this has no functionality or purpose, as the vanilla game merely checks if you have Aqua Affinity to do a flat adjustment to mining speed underwater. This COULD be used as a datapack specific enchantment that grants haste underwater, but I don't think that's coded in.

6: I seem to be unable to craft tools together if another tool is on the ground somewhere not even near me. It has to be picked up or despawn first.

Example 1: I was unable to combine two fishing rods together because a "curse of vanishing" fishing rod was discarded into the ocean a couple chunks away. Letting it despawn or picking it up let me combine again.

Example 2: I was unable to combine two bows in the overworld. I cleared my inventory, then teleported all item entities to my location. Doing this picked up two gold swords and two stone swords that were on the ground in a fortress in the nether dimension. Apparently these were preventing the item fusion. Strange. Must test further.

7: Massive lag spike when combining two tools together (server hangs for 10+ seconds for everyone). Book+Book and Tool+Book are instant.
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