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ArcherElyse avatar ArcherElyse
Level 15 : Journeyman Farmer
End Portable: Portable End Portals for ease of travel!

I was having a discussion the other day about how much of a pain it is to travel from base-stronghold for things like enderman farms, and how convenient it would be to have a datapack that allowed you to put an end portal wherever you wanted without having to cheat. I then realized that I have the ability to do that. So here it is!

This datapack is mainly for late-game quality/ease of life, so it won't have any impact on your gameplay until after you've been to the End. It adds a new item to End City loot chests called the Summoner's Cube, which will create an end portal and end portal frames around it when broken. Every end city will have one of these items in a loot chest at the base of the city, and they can only be obtained from the cities (so people can't, for example, craft it and go to the end without finding a stronghold first). When the portal is created, you will be given an item, fittingly called an End Portal Remover, that can be used to remove the portal if needed*. You will not get the portal back once it's removed (to make the it less OP/exploitable), so you will need to find another city if you want to put it back!

Lastly, this datapack SHOULD be compatible with most versions of Minecraft, however I personally haven't tested it on any version outside of 1.18-1.18.2, so please make backups of your world before adding this in case it causes any issues!

*During my testing, the only major issue I've found with this ability is within multiplayer settings; as I currently have no way of telling it which end portal to remove, the End Portal Remover can be used to remove any end portal- so if you plan on using this for something multiplayer, especially something that people might want to grief or mess with, please keep that in mind!
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.18

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