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[Epic Fight] Dungeon Gear Patch

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    Required Resource Pack
    METAL_knight avatar METAL_knight
    Level 28 : Expert Cake
    Patches all Dungeon Gear armor and weapons with 99% accuracy !
    (Enables for a fun fight)

    ⚠️ REQUIRES RESOURCEPACK (PlanetMinecraft/Here)
    ⚠️ REQUIRES EPIC FIGHT: Epic Fight - CurseForge
    ⚠️ REQUIRES DUNGEON GEAR: Dungeons Gear - CurseForge

    This datapack uses custom datapack functions and features from the epic fight mod to enable custom weapons and a resourcepack to fix the deformations caused by bends. You are free to change anything in this datapack to your liking. If you want to discover how this works, check the epic fight wiki in how to do so here: Home · Yesssssman/epicfightmod Wiki (github.com)

    The datapack uses a set of dummy weapon entries to enable the custom weapon configuration. The following is a dummy weapon simulating how we patched all weapons. For the armors i remade all models by looking at the ingame armors and textures and then patched each vertex group inside blender and exported onto the resoucepack. (BE WARE, SOME ARMOR MODELS MAY NOT BE 100% ACCURATE)

    Dummy Weapon
    "type": "sword",
    "attributes": {
    "common": {
    "armor_negation": 0.0,
    "impact": 1.1,
    "max_strikes": 1

    Epic Fight Official Discord: discord.com/invite/NbAJwj8RHg
    Creditjerodqt#4727 (DataPack) & Yesman [Lead developer]
    CompatibilityMinecraft 1.16
    toMinecraft 1.18

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