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    1. 🚬 Eshay 🚬

      📜 Description📜 Heres an origin im making to take the piss out of eshays seeming a group of eshays stole 45 dollars off me and bashed me,

      🟢 ⚔️ pocket knife ⚔️ Being an eshay you always carry a pocket knife with you to stab random people who looked at you, and ofc you also bring drugs

      🟢🔥Arson 🔥 being an eshay your used to fire seeming you commit arson a ton

      🟢 💨eshay as fck💨 as you are an eshay your used to running from police and running to random people to bash(speed 3, strength 2)

      🔴 💀 cancer💀 as you do drugs drink alcohol and smoke 24/7 your dying of cancer (5 less hearts

      🔴🚬black lungs🚬 as an eshay you smoke almost 24/7 so you run out of breath pretty quick (hunger)

      🟣 [primary] beat up random people and flex your mucles: because your an absolute dickhead you take off your shirt and beat the living sht out of someone random, (strength 5, speed 2, resistance 1,, 10 seconds)

      🟣 [secondary]drugz: you take an awful amount of drgs and trip balls for 15 secondsGo sub to https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0PMyGJ-n15oe_kC37L23Sw/videos pine has been making amazing showcases of origins, including mine 😌
    CompatibilityMinecraft 1.16
    toMinecraft 1.18 Snapshot

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