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Zombie1111 avatar Zombie1111
Level 23 : Expert Engineer
This is a datapack that adds, Custom advancements, Quests, Many new game mechanics, Particle effects, backstab, custom xp and much more!

Download: v1.0

Full list of all including features
You can sneak behind a mob and the mob will not be able to see you!
If you attack a mob while hidden you deal a lot of damage
The more xp you have the stronger you get
Lose and get xp in custom ways example, by sprinting or taking damage
In nether, lava kills you instatly, if fire resistance you still take damage
In nether, water items like packed_ice in your inventory gets removed unless you have fire_resistance but they always get removed if you stay in lava
In end, moon gravity
In nether, fire will shoot out from random blocks
Freeze in very cold biomes unless full armor
Sweat in very hot biomes if full armor
When on fire mobs you touch will be set on fire, (in nether, block you stand on will be set on fire, ice will be removed)
When running/swimming you hear breath sound
In end, if over a y level you get levitation
If over a y level, you start taking damage
Blood when attacking mobs
Custom advancements (There is 93 custom advancements)
Quest (There is 117 quests)
Ores and dimension is locked untill a specific quest is completed! Example you cant have coal before quest 20
When completing a quest you get a reward example, pig_spawn_egg or unlock nether dimension
When completing a custom advancement you get a loot chest filled with random items (There is coomon, uncommon, rare, epic, legendary, mystical and super loot chest)
When you are inactive you get a message on your screen that say, your are inactive
Particle Effects, in forest you see leaves falling from trees, in cave there is dust and so on...
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.16

01/25/2021 8:46 am
Level 21 : Expert Robot
Yekc avatar
This is so cool! I hope it gets more attention
01/25/2021 10:10 am
Level 23 : Expert Engineer
Zombie1111 avatar
Thank you soo much, i appreciate that you let me know.
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