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Support and development on this data pack are discontinued.

This data pack brings flight, similar to creative flight, into survival Minecraft. The Flight Beacon gives flight to players within a 32 block radius of it. Moving horizontally enables a Levitation status effect to keep the player airborne at the same height, with movement aided by the Speed status effect. Vertical movement is enabled by stopping still, at which point a Shulker will be summoned below the player for them to stand on, and the Levitation effect is removed. Crouching on the Shulker will cause it to teleport downwards 1 block, and jumping will bring it upwards with you.

To activate and deactivate a Flight Beacon, deal between 0 and 5 damage to it (0 to 2.5 hearts). Flight Beacons have a slow regeneration effect, so they'll recover from activation and deactivation. Dealing enough damage quickly will break a Flight Beacon, causing the item used to place it to drop so it can be placed again.

Once the players goes beyond the area of effect of the Flight Beacon, its effects will wear off, and the player is given 30 seconds of Slow Falling. The same thing happens to flying players if the last Flight Beacon they're in range of is deactivated.

As for Version 7, Flight Beacons can be created by renaming a Chorus Flower in an Anvil to "Flight Beacon". Prior to Version 7, Flight Beacons had a chance to drop from Shulkers.

If you wish to test this data pack out in creative before deciding to add it to your world, you can give yourself a flight beacon with the command "/function flight_b:give_beacon". Please note that you will then need to switch your gamemode to survival for an activated flight beacon to effect you correctly.
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.13
toMinecraft 1.15

7 Update Logs

Version 8 : by Deprecated 05/28/2019 3:28:38 pmMay 28th, 2019

  • Added advancement to The End section of vanilla advancements to introduce flight beacon crafting method.
  • Changed beacon drop functionality to require crouch hitting the beacon entity to kill it.
  • Changed flight beacon placement item to Eye of Ender, in order to detect its use via advancement, which is less laggy than trying to catchfirework use every tick like in previous versions.
  • Added advancement to catch old beacon placement items and replace them with new beacon placement items, so uses of previous version won't lose their flight beacon placement items upon updating.
  • Added lore to beacon placement item to describe how to use it.
  • Changed flight management functions to schedule their execution after a beacon is active, and then continue to schedule their execution every tick so long as there is a loaded active beacon. This means you'llneed to deactivate and reactive active beacons that become unloaded, but it's more lag friendly this way.
  • Set DeathLootTable of Flight Beacon shulkers to minecraft:empty to prevent shulker shell drops happening in the unlikely event a Flight Beacon shulker is outright killed.
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