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Basicprogrammer10 avatar Basicprogrammer10
Level 41 : Master Engineer
What the Datapack does:
This is a datapack that adds a new challenge to the game. About every three minutes all players and mobs will start to levitate for about thirty seconds. After thirty seconds, the players and mobs will fall from the sky. Most of the mobs will not die after falling in order to allow for the player to keep some mobs. The player will most likely die if they do not fall into the water. This makes playing through Minecraft a bit more challenging!

How To Install:
In order to use this datapack first download it, then extract the zip file and put the folder into the datapack folder of your world. Once you do that you need to use the "/reload" command to initialize the datapack (Watch the video)

If you want to adjust the amount of time it takes to make the players and mobs levitate then use this command (you need OP):
/scoreboard players set @e fall <Time in Ticks>

If you want to adjust the amount of time the players and mobs levitate then use this command (you still need OP):
/scoreboard players set @e fall2 <Time in Ticks>

(Note: 20 Ticks is one second so 3600 Ticks is 3 minutes)

Extra Info:

This datapack works on servers as well as singleplayer worlds.
Not all mobs are effected these mobs include: The ender Dregen, Shulkers, And probably more that I am forgetting.
If your server/world is running with a low TPS the datapack will run slower, this was done to attempt to add a bit of randomness as well as make it more customizable.

If you have any questions or suggestions please leave a comment!    -Basicprogrammer10
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.13
toMinecraft 1.16

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04/27/2020 1:58 am
Level 24 : Expert Spelunker
noatryy avatar
it's just a levitation effect lmao
04/27/2020 12:43 pm
Level 41 : Master Engineer
Basicprogrammer10 avatar
Yes, It is just a levation effect but that is because using that effect is to my knowledge the best way to achieve the result of all players and mobs levitating. The point of this datapack was to add a new challenge to the game and although it is done using basic effects the effect is still applied and removed automatically and I think it creates a new, fun challenge in the game of Minecraft.
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