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Update 1.1 (5/12/2021:)
several bug fixes, including:

-/function glowier:disable wasn't working properly
-Incompatible warning when adding datapack to a world
-fixed a minor compatibility issue with other datapacks
-added a pack.png file

Allows glow squids to actually emit light, like we were all hoping they would. a proof of concept has been done with a glow lichen glitch, but this pack uses the light technical blocks, allowing for smoother and more precise control, as well as ensuring that the datapack will not stop working in future snapshots. Glow squids stop emitting light upon taking damage properly, like they do in the unmodified game. I will be keeping this datapack up to date for future versions, if you discover that the datapack is not working properly, comment the bug you've found here.

Known quirks:

-using /datapack disable on this datapack will cause light blocks to remain in the world that will have to be removed by an administrator. to avoid this, user /function glowier:disable instead.
-since this uses light blocks, the squid can only glow when in water or air blocks. if the squid is inside of kelp, grass, sea grass, or other transparent blocks, it will cause the squid to stop emitting light. this is intended, as their light is obscured, and even if it weren't, I'm not sure I could change it.

if you want to keep up to date on future versions, or remind yourself to download the pack when 1.17 releases, favorite this page! and leave a diamond if you feel so inclined. thanks for your support!

CompatibilityMinecraft 1.17

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