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Hellfire Forge Datapack

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Required Resource Pack
gibbsly avatar gibbsly
Level 46 : Master Engineer

Ignite the Fire!

Currently this pack is confirmed to be functional on 1.16+

Hello, this is a datapack re-creating an old project of mine, I'm not excellent at explaining it, but I will try my best. The idea of this is a new method of crafting/refining materials, you place a block in the input slot, and receive an output.

There are currently 73 different inputs to discover, if a block doesn't work, break it, re-ignite the forge (just light a fire in the input slot) and try a different one. The forge is fully customize-able, the only way for a forge to be destroyed is to break the diamond block hidden inside, and you will know when it's dead.

Raids! Now, rarely, your forge may get a visitor. Sometimes those who are magically inclined may want to check out your forge, and probably don't like that your keeping all this power to yourself. Keep your guard up!

To those who can translate from English to another language- there is full translation support, I would appreciate help translating this pack to as many languages as possible, if you are interested in helping, please do message me.
Currently Supported Languages:
Spanish (Translation by pmc user Lunos)
Polish (Translation by pmc user Heroder55)
Romanian (Translation by pmc user Pokerface4222)

Installation instructions:
To install this datapack, just copy the files from this zip into the folder for the world you want to use it in.
The resorces.zip file should be in the main directory with the icon.png and level.dat files, and the hellfire.zip should be in the save files' datapack folder.

If you have questions, ideas, or problems, please feel free to say below.

Have Fun!
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.16

6 Update Logs

v4-2 : by gibbsly 07/16/2020 4:09:13 pmJul 16th, 2020

- 11 new recipies

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12/14/2020 2:59 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
tracer_see avatar
Is this compatible with the 1.17 snapshots?
12/15/2020 1:33 am
Level 46 : Master Engineer
gibbsly avatar
it should
09/30/2020 1:17 pm
Level 42 : Master Explorer
Chesterhung3218 avatar
I can't get the extinguished blaze heart after defeating weaken blaze.
09/30/2020 11:02 pm
Level 46 : Master Engineer
gibbsly avatar
It seems functional to me, the blaze has to have the weakness effect active on it for the item to drop.
07/21/2020 1:36 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Zvorky avatar
I have translated to brazilian portuguese .-.



"hellfire.advancements.root.name": "Hellfire",
"hellfire.advancements.root.description": "Domine o poder do fogo",
"hellfire.advancements.extinguished_heart_get.name": "Coração de Pedra",
"hellfire.advancements.extinguished_heart_get.description": "Enfraqueça e mate um blaze para arancar seu coração",
"hellfire.advancements.light_heart.name": "Reacendendo",
"hellfire.advancements.light_heart.description": "Queime o coração frio junto a 16 diamantes para reacendê-lo",
"hellfire.advancements.forge_built.name": "Ignição!",
"hellfire.advancements.forge_built.description": "Largue 64 tijolos de pedra, 64 tijolos do nether, e um Coração do Hellfire no chão, deixe sapecar e assista sua forja surgindo!",
"hellfire.advancements.all_inputs.name": "Entradas Intensivas",
"hellfire.advancements.all_inputs.description": "Descubra todas as receitas para a forja pequena",
"hellfire.advancements.furnace_forge.name": "Fundindo com Hellfire",
"hellfire.advancements.furnace_forge.description": "Aprenda as maneiras anciões da fornalha",
"hellfire.item.dead_blaze_heart": "Coração de blaze frio",
"hellfire.item.heart_of_the_hellfire": "Coração do Hellfire"

07/19/2020 4:36 pm
Level 2 : Apprentice Miner
3boodix avatar
sadly you cant use the hellfire smelter with a furnace as a super smelter
07/16/2020 6:46 pm
Level 8 : Apprentice Engineer
CerloCasa avatar
Hey, wonderful datapack! I would love to translate this into italian language
07/16/2020 6:12 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
WanderingWolfe avatar
Well done!
It's fun to try out the random blocks and see what happens.
I understand that it may be difficult, especially with drop crafting, to make it non-directional. Since the forge is customizable, aside from the diamond block, would it be reasonable to give it the ability to use the same relative position in each direction (y-1, x+/-1 or z+/-1) as the fire? This would allow the user to change its direction while retaining function.
05/23/2020 4:37 pm
Level 31 : Artisan Engineer
Swavis avatar
02/15/2020 3:44 pm
Level 42 : Master Explorer
Chesterhung3218 avatar
You should make some changes for the input recipe for the 1.16, including:
  1. Able to turn diamond block into netherrite scrap
  2. Able to turn nether wart block into corresponding fungi.
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