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Required Resource Pack
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Level 16 : Journeyman Blacksmith


What is ICEBORN? ICEBORN is a bundle of a datapack and a resource pack. Unforgettable adventures and a lot of challenging gameplay are waiting for you, that's what ICEBORN is about. You can see everything that this datapack adds below!
Mechanics and structures

NEW weather.

The weather appears randomly, and is tied to the players. There are 3 new weather conditions in total, the standard weather is disabled. This is snowfall, heavy snowfall and blizzard. They all take turns replacing each other. The stronger the weather, the more difficult it is to move around during it. If you start sleeping, then the bad weather will pass, along with the night.

Leveling up the player.

When you appear, you have only 10 hp instead of 20, and also, if you run for too long, you will have shortness of breath and slow down. Initially, you run 25% slower. The more you run, the more your body gets used to the loads, and after a couple of hundred blocks you have run, you will simply start moving faster, and at the same time, your shortness of breath will go away, and you will be much faster during a long run than during the start. Similarly with jumps, the more you jump, the stronger your jump. Also, the more you train, the more hp you have.

Realistic snow.

Unlike the vanilla game, here the mechanics of snow has been changed for the better. Snow does not fall throughout the busy area, but only near the players. The snow will layer up and form large drifts.

Freezing system.

When the player is on frozen blocks, such as ice, blue ice, dense ice, snow, a block of snow - it freezes slowly. This datapack was made for versions 1.16+ and therefore, the player does not get the effect of standard frostbite as when in contact with loose snow in versions of the game 1.17+. If the player stays on frozen blocks for a long time, then he will cool down sharply, and all that can help him is heating. Even death does not save you from this. It is possible to warm up only with the help of multi-block structures, such as heaters.

Multi-block structures.

The solar altar.

When you get tired of snow, you can summon a flash of light with the help of a solar altar. Put the magnetite and 8 blocks of ordinary quartz in a circle around it, then stand on the magnetite and press shift to activate the solar flare. This flash will destroy all the frozen blocks - all kinds of ice, snow, snow blocks.


A simple heater.

If you have frostbite, you should warm up, and at the beginning of the game a simple heater will suit you, which only saves you from hypothermia. To create it, take a bonfire, put a cauldron on the fire, fill it with water and put any carpet on the cauldron. Then press shift while on the carpet. You will waste water, but you will get rid of hypothermia.


Advanced heater.

This heater works within a radius of 15 blocks, and in addition to the fact that as soon as you get into its range, it will save you from hypothermia, it also removes all frozen blocks in its area of action. It is much more complicated to create. To create it, you need to dig a hole for 1 block of lava, it is desirable to make it from a refractory material. Then, put a block of iron on the lava (somehow), and a hatch on the block of iron. All that remains to be done is just stand on this structure and press shift, you will see a message in the chat and fire particles in the air, which will tell you that the heater is working.

CompatibilityMinecraft 1.16
toMinecraft 1.18

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