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Luttania server starter set: Spawnbook

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    Welcome to Luttania- your very own fantasy medieval server!

    This server is meant to work with the following plugins:

    (anti griefing and land claiming mod)

    and a
    teleportation mod that uses /spawn and /home commands (there are several) I recommend a simple one:


    These are both spigot plugins, for more info on setting up a spigot server or a place to start:


    Luttania server starter set includes:
    -spawnbook (gifts new players a book with information about the server)
    -Luttania starter map
    -check back as I add or update features!

    Spawnbook datapack!
    This datapack is a simple datapack that gives new players a book immediately when they join the server. The book contains information about the server, including some simple rules, commands that are commonly used, and locations of prominent features. If you understand how datapacks are put together you are welcome to paste your own custom book into the pack for your own server. This pack is intended to use with the Luttania set and map. The current version does not have the teleport commands for the farms yet, but they will be updated when they are completed so check back for updates!

    note: the Luttania set is still under construction. this datapack is tested to work and is workable, but not all information is included in the book as is intended in the final product. but feel free to download and use with the above plugins and use as is!

    now go out there and have fun in Minecraft!
    CompatibilityMinecraft 1.17

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