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_Ecolyne_ avatar _Ecolyne_
Level 39 : Artisan Engineer
Based of of the videos by Dream and GeorgeNotFound on youtube, I created a manhunt datapack to try and mimic the game without the need for server plugins, or the in game compass.

The basics of the game are:

there's 1 hunter and 1 runner
the runner tries to beat the Ender Dragon
the hunter tires to kill them once

If either of these conditions are met, the person wins.

To start the datapack:
1, extract the folder inside the .zip to your world's "datapack" folder. NOT THE .ZIP ITSELF, THE FOLDER INSIDE
2, the server operators must them use "/reload" and "/function manhunt:setup" (both runner and hunter need to be op for the pack to work, so use this on private servers only.)
3, once both players have used the setup function, each will pick their role by clicking on the text that comes up in chat.
4, use "/function manhunt:start" to begin the game. This will give the Hunter blindness, slowness, and a few other potion effects to stop them from doing anything until the runner gets a good head start. or you could just start the game without using it like Dream does, all up to you, it still works.

There are a few extra options I added for this version, including two handicaps for the runner if wanted, in the form of the glowing hunter and the handicapped runner

The glowing hunter will have the glowing effect applied to them when within 10 blocks of the runner, reducing the chances for ambush.
The handicapped runner will receive speed and resistance when their HP falls below 3 hearts.

There's also an assassin mode, which is nothing like Dream's videos, but something i thought would give the runner a much harder challenge:

When assassin mode is on:
The Runner will be warned if the hunter is less than 40 blocks away

The Hunter has invisibility applied to them when more than 20 blocks from the Runner
The Hunter will have slowness 4 when 10 blocks away from the Runner, slowness 2 when 20 blocks away, and slowness 1 when 50 blocks away
for the 1-shot mechanic, they have strength 255 within 5 blocks away of the runner

and lastly, for all the modes, the Hunter has speed 2 when 250 blocks away, speed 4 when 500 blocks away, and speed 8 when 1000 blocks away, just to keep the game moving.

When playing the Hunter, you have a UI above your hotbar showing your coords in red, the runner's coords in blue, and the difference between them in green. when the green numbers are smaler, you are closer to the runner.

To keep the "Compass feel" of Dream's videos, the Runner's coords are obfuscated in the end and nether, so you cannot tell where they are, but you know they're in that dimension from the color of the obfuscation. Red in the Nether, and Yellow in the End.

I may add some more tweaks to the pack at a later date, but it's finished enough to be playable with 2 people. on the to-do list is to make it playable with more than 1 hunter/runner

If you find any bugs in the pack, or it stops working, let me know in the comments and i'll try and patch them out. I can only test it with my alt account for now, so there's a good chance i missed some stuff
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.15

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