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Mineable Spawners datapack

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E4ry avatar E4ry
Level 64 : High Grandmaster Programmer
Mineable Spawners recap:
With this datapack is it possible to mine spawners. It's possible to choose if it's important to mine with silk touch or not, you can change that in the Mineable Spawners menu. It's also possible to enable/disable fortune. But fortune III can be a little bit OP on spawners, so it's possible to customize the fortune for each level in the MS menu. You can set the chance for each amount of blocks that you can get. Look to the pictures to see how it looks :D

It's recommended to use this datapack with a craftable spawn egg datapack. That will make it possible to make 'custom' spawners.

It's not possible to mine already mined spawners with fortune, so it's not possible to get unlimited spawners (you get than always 1 spawner).

The mobs that spawn don't have items in their hand.

This datapack can have bugs, please report them :D

Mineable Spawners tutorial:
This is a really easy to use datapack, so the tutorial isn't long.

Mineable Spawners menu:
/function ms:menu

Menu information:
It's possible to enable/disable silktouch/fortune in the settings tab.
When fortune is enabled, there will be a new tab added in the MS menu, 'Fortune menu'.
In the fortune menu is it possible to change the chances for each fortune level.

Changing chances important information:
The chances goes from high to low in the amount of spawners. If you want to apply the changed chances to the already existing spawners that are loaded in, than you need to go to the fortune menu and than click on '(Apply changes to already existing spawners).
In this datapack is fortune 3 = fortune 2 and fortune 2 = fortune 1 on default, the two fortune's are different so it won't change the default fortune of minecraft.

Few examples on how the system works:
Fortune 1:
1 spawner: 100%
2 spawners: 100%

You get than always two spawners

Fortune 1:
1 spawner: 100%
2 spawers: 50%

It's a one 50% chance to get two spawners if not you get immediately one spawner. The chance on two spawners is than really low.

Minecraft default fortune:
1 spawner: 66%
2 spawners: 33%

It's a 33% chance to get two spawners, than 66% chance one spawner. The loop will go over and over until one of the procents succeeds.

If you have questions you can always ask them :D

Minable Spawners system information:
For using this datapack is this information not important.

So far I know are there two ways to make a Spawner datapack. Making it with loot tables or with a tracking system of armor_stands/area_effect_clouds. I choose for this datapack the second option otherwise it was not possible to make that custom fortune.

For making this datapack I had use an already existed datapack as inspiration source, because I wanted to make a tracking system. And that datapack had already one, so I used that datapack as inspiration to make my own tracking system. And it seems for me a little bit unfair to not give credit to that creator. I am talking about the Silk Touch Spawners Datapack from Hielke.

His datapack: https://www.planetminecraft.com/data-pack/silk-touch-spawners-datapack-1-13/ο»Ώ
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.16
toMinecraft 1.17

2 Update Logs

Version 1.2 : 05/04/2021 5:13:50 pmMay 4th

A big bug has been removed
When you right click with a spawn egg on a spawner it will will be returned back to a pig spawner after the entity has spawned. It's now fixed.

Reported by

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05/07/2021 6:28 pm
Level 13 : Journeyman Miner
DJDeadInside0614 avatar
so do they default drop if you dont mess with the fortune and silk touch?
05/08/2021 7:23 pm
Level 64 : High Grandmaster Programmer
E4ry avatar
If you disable fortune than it's always have one drop
05/05/2021 5:08 pm
Level 3 : Apprentice Explorer
TheKnight2 avatar
This is awesome!
Can you make a Datapack where all crafted tools have unbreaking 3?
05/06/2021 6:55 am
Level 64 : High Grandmaster Programmer
E4ry avatar
I don't make new datapacks anymore😬
05/05/2021 8:25 am
Level 10 : Journeyman Engineer
Arnav-Gamer-Pro-YT avatar
05/02/2021 10:13 pmhistory
Level 34 : Artisan Warrior
TBlazeWarriorT avatar
Planning to try this soon. I was using a datapack called "Mineable Spawner", but it had many issues. Based on the video, looks like your datapack fixes most of them.

Maybe you could write on the thread how to change spawner type too, to make sure people who didn't watch the video know it, and I suggest adding a screenshot of a named mined spawner to the thread instead of all those settings screenshots, so people know your datapack names them (the other datapack didn't).

I'm also curious if it will have good compatibility with Spawner Craft datapack, I'll test it.
05/03/2021 12:13 am
Level 34 : Artisan Warrior
TBlazeWarriorT avatar
"mineable spawner"
- βœ“ lighter
- βœ— dupes xp
- βœ— does not name spawner
- βœ— spawners in inventory might glitch
- βœ“ doesn't bug if you use an egg in a crafted spawner
- βœ— glitches if you use an egg on a spawner that was mined using it

"Mineable Spawners" (this datapack)
- βœ— overcomplicated-looking code (potential lag)
- βœ“ Customizable
- βœ“ doesn't dupe exp
- βœ“ names spawners
- βœ“ spawners shouldn't glitch in inv
- βœ— glitches if you use an egg on any spawner and don't break it before it spawns a mob
05/02/2021 11:54 pmhistory
Level 34 : Artisan Warrior
TBlazeWarriorT avatar
Ok, I've tested the things.

Sadly, your datapack has relatively bad compatibility with Spawner Craft datapack.

Without your datapack, I can craft a spawner from spawner craft, craft a chicken egg, click the spawner with the chicken egg, and the spawner will be a chicken spawner forever without glitching back into a pig spawner.
However, if I enable your datapack, for some reason the spawner starts rotating slower and becomes a pig spawner after spawning one chicken.
The above bug only happens when your datapack is enabled. The bug does not happen if the "mineable spawner" datapack is enabled, just yours.

Is it possible to fix this? Do you have any idea what could be causing it? "mineable spawner" seems to be a much simpler version of your datapack, so it has less features but also doesn't have that bug (tho it has others)
05/03/2021 9:28 am
Level 64 : High Grandmaster Programmer
E4ry avatar
I think you means this datapack with ""Mineable Spawner" www.planetminecraft.com/data-pack/mineable-spawner/ ">www.planetminecraft.com/data-pack/mineable-spawner/

Before i started making this datapack i investigated how other datapack makers has made it. So i know his system of making the mineable spawner datapack is a lot better than mine, but it has a special reason why i did it on another way than he did. That's because i wanted that fortune added in the datapack, I only make datapacks if i want something new in the game that I really want. So if there was already mineable spawner datapack with fortune i will used that datapack instead of making my own. So far i know the fortune was only possible by making another/more complicated system, so that's why i have a more complicated system :)

I am not 100% sure but when you replace a entity in a spawner it only will be spawned once and that it will be turned back to it's old stage, so to change the spawner you need to mine the spawner before the entity had spawned. So that's why i made a tutorial in the video about that. His datapack uses another way, so that's why that datapack doesn't have that problem (again not 100% sure). Maybe there is a possible way to fix it, but when made it i couldn't think about a solutation that time D:

If you don't use the fortune i think than it's better to use another/better datapack, my goal is by making datapacks to add new/different things to the game and it's not focused to get a lot of downloads etc.. so that's why i have maybe weird/ not famous datapacks.

Also thanks for the effort and i hope you will have a good day :)

If you have more questions you can always ask them.

05/03/2021 4:21 pm
Level 34 : Artisan Warrior
TBlazeWarriorT avatar
Ok, thanks for the answer.

It's kind of sad because I just wanted a basic bug-free mineable spawner datapack, but I couldn't find any (as I've shown in the comparison, both have pros and cons and their own bugs).

Maybe I'll just forfeit about having mineable spawners without mods, might be just too complicated.
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