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Minecraft But there are five different data packs!

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    Minecraft but there are 5 different data packs!

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    This was supposed to be a challenge I made that I had to make 5 different data packs!
    I was too lame and put like only 5 lines of code in like every data pack. It took me like 1-2 hours... :P
    There is a data pack that has more lines of code but those are copied and pasted many times and I switched them up a bit.

    Data packs:

    Minecraft But if you sprint you die

    This is simple! If you sprint you die.
    Minecraft But you can't be close to mobs
    You can't be closer than 1 block away from a mob. (I made so items and minecarts don't count)
    Minecraft But you can't drop items
    This is also simple! If you drop an item you die.
    A trick of dropping items is putting it in a chest and breaking it.
    Minecraft But you can't hold tools
    If you hold a tool in your main hand you die. I didn't think this through... I think you have to make TNT or make a creeper explode to get ores?
    Minecraft But you have a jump limit
    You will have an actionbar over your hotbar and it will say how many jumps you have left.

    I don't know if they are compatible together. If I were you, I wouldn't put the same data packs in the same world.

    CompatibilityMinecraft 1.15

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    02/20/2020 10:21 am
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    Haha, those are cool, good effort!
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