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Minecraft But Survival in 16x16 block (Area)

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    StarPage's Avatar StarPage
    Level 40 : Master Engineer
    You Can playing Only in one chunk? hm. I think you can did it!

    Try this datapack

    [​WARN] This Data-Pack Popular use wait random item drop or about items or loot_table or custom (recipes)

    How to Use
    * /trigger move.chunk set 1 To move change

    Compass Recipes
    FloorCrafting ok?
    * diamond x1
    * compass x1
    * ender_pearl x1

    Loot Tables
    * In chest village_toolsmith {"weight": 3}
    * In chest abandoned_mineshaft {"weight": 1}
    * In chest ruined_portal {"weight": 1}
    * In chest spawn_bonus_chest {"weight": 1}
    * In chest jungle_temple {"weight": 1}
    * In chest igloo_chest {"weight": 2}
    * In chest stronghold_library {"weight": 1}
    * Kill Mob/Entities "illusioner" {"weight": 100} (But It haven't illusioner in game. I make it for command "/function loot_admin:move_tool" only but if you need it for kill it. click here for download data-pack of other people)

    So? Compass can doing?
    oh ,It can move chunk. but if you use it (I mean Move chunk) ,your compass is gone.
    CreditBuild&Design Datapack JE by _HyperLight
    CompatibilityMinecraft 1.16

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    11/28/2020 9:11 am
    Level 1 : New Collective
    WinZer0's Avatar
    WoW So Good.
    11/29/2020 2:13 pm
    Level 40 : Master Engineer
    StarPage's Avatar
    Thank for your comment!

    but what datapack do u want?
    Planet Minecraft


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