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Minecraft: Sky Realms

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    Level 63 : High Grandmaster Architect
    Welcome to Minecraft: Sky Realms!

    Minecraft: Sky Realms Minecraft Data Pack
    Using this pack could cause slow performance on older/less powerful computers.
    Minecraft: Sky Realms Minecraft Data Pack

    This pack uses a combination of world generation and functions to add naturally-generating sky islands! The islands are actually added to Overworld itself, not just some random floating islands dimension.

    Accomplishing this however does really make Minecraft tax the system resources, though - it's essentially doing twice as much generation and around three times as much light propagation in the same timeframe. The result is that, if you have an older computer, it may take longer than usual for terrain to generate with this pack. That being said, it's beautiful...

    Minecraft: Sky Realms Minecraft Data Pack
    Sky islands generate entirely above the clouds...

    A very small amount of ambient light has been added to Overworld to make nighttime slightly less dark and reduce the effects of island shadows...

    Great views from the ground...

    And the shadows are awesome...

    This is the pack's major feature; nothing was sacrificed or removed from vanilla. And now for a new structure...

    The pack's other major feature is the new Tower structure. These gigantic, nearly 200-block-tall structures naturally generate in any biome in Overworld, and they connect normal ground level to sky island ground level, with entrances at each.

    The entrances are fairly basic and unassuming, but as you get further from the doors, the place gets much more deadly...

    Some of the easier-to-reach chests on your way up are only lightly guarded...

    ...however you'll have to dodge mobs and Blaze fireballs while navigating a long, narrow path upward, where some nice treasure waits for you at the top (hint: Elytra and Nether Star can be found at times...)

    And lastly, these vast edifices are also holding a secret...
    Tower Secrets - Spoiler
    If you can find the secret entrance (hint: it can be seen in one of the above images), you'll find yourself in a labyrinth-like section with six levels and some nice chests.

    The labyrinth will basically always be different in each tower, as there are over 100000 possible variations; while the traversible portion of each maze floor is only 25x25 blocks, the mazes have been designed not to be simple.

    It eventually leads you to the bottom of the tower, where you'll find a Nether Portal waiting for you...

    CompatibilityMinecraft 1.16

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    05/20/2021 2:25 pm
    Level 6 : Apprentice Miner
    Gansta_Mafia avatar
    I haven't even downloaded this yet and it still looks dope
    05/18/2021 10:21 pm
    Level 47 : Master Engineer
    packdotmcmeta avatar
    Great data pack! The island generation is great and the towers are cool. I think there should be less ambient lighting, Also when the towers generate in ocean biomes the bottom part is flooded.
    05/18/2021 10:43 pm
    Level 63 : High Grandmaster Architect
    Baroque Obama
    Baroque Obama avatar
    The ambient light is still prolly too bright after tweaking it some lol, I can for sure look into that.

    The issue with weirdness in the towers is all about some of the towers generating before their surrounding island finishes generating. I'd implemented a fix for this case, and during playtesting, hadn't seen that one happen again... dang lol. That's definitely a kikinthedik if there ever was one.

    This pack adds at least 3 more layers of generation on top of vanilla, and odd things happen haha... I guess I can live with the Nether Portal room of some rare Towers being half-waterlogged, but it still annoys me. I'm prolly gonna keep picking at this one for a bit. Thanks a lot for finding it :).
    05/18/2021 9:51 pm
    Level 47 : Master Engineer
    packdotmcmeta avatar
    Great to see you finished this! I'll check it out later.
    05/18/2021 9:20 pm
    Level 59 : Grandmaster Architect
    Hoponopono avatar
    Lovely idea
    05/18/2021 9:25 pm
    Level 63 : High Grandmaster Architect
    Baroque Obama
    Baroque Obama avatar
    Thanks :)
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