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Minecraft: Two Worlds

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Required Resource Pack
Baroque Obama avatar Baroque Obama
Level 63 : High Grandmaster Architect
Welcome to Minecraft: Two Worlds!

This project is now available for download! Don't forget the Resource Pack :)


This project brings you to the twin worlds of Mishal and Lanasi - two separate overworld dimensions. They're 'twin' worlds because rather than moons orbiting them, they orbit each other. This means that Lanasi can be seen from Mishal at night, and vice-versa. The following images illustrate this concept:

Minecraft: Two Worlds Minecraft Data Pack
Minecraft: Two Worlds Minecraft Data Pack

These two worlds replace the Overworld dimension - you'll randomly start either on Mishal or Lanasi when you create a new world. The differences between the planets and Overworld (aside from the additions described below) are as follows:

•Ruined Portals don't generate on either planet (portals can still be built and used as normal)
•Strongholds don't generate on either planet (another method of reaching The End has been implemented)
•Mineshafts don't generate in Mountains biomes (so they don't collide with Catacombs)

The world generation differences between worlds are somewhat subtle - Lanasi is generally more rugged and has more small lakes and hills as a result, but the difference is slight. In most cases, rivers in both worlds are slightly wider and deeper than Vanilla Overworld as well.

Between Worlds

Inspired by the most excellent Ultima II: Quest of the Avatar, transportation between Mishal and Lanasi is accomplished by walking through a portal that only appears in certain places at certain times. In this case, you'll find a portal at the town center of any village (on either planet) during a full 'moon' (full planet really) at night:

Minecraft: Two Worlds Minecraft Data Pack
Enter this portal to go to the planet that can be seen in the sky...

You'll also notice that it's a New 'moon' on the destination planet when you get there, because each planet's 'phase' would be opposite the other's at any given point in time (at the same position on each planet). The advantages of this include the accuracy of course, but also that a portal to go back to the planet you just left will only take 4 days to appear instead of waiting a full 8 (for a Minecraft 'moon' cycle).

Each Village's town center also now features a 'town clock', essentially displaying the normal clock for time of day, as well as the new decorative Synod Clock that shows the 'moon' phase at all times.


A new addition to both worlds is the Castle structure. In Plains biomes, a Village that would generate has a 10% chance of being a Castle instead. These large stone structures have a consistent shape, but varying 'lots' around the outer curtain wall — from stables, to shops, to plain old trees.

You'll find some lucrative chests, with items you might have otherwise come across in chests in removed Strongholds, on the top floor in the Royal Apartments....

Also, you'll find a special crafting table of sorts called an Artisan's Table in Castles. You can make some very cool stuff with this table (see below for more details).


Another new addition to both worlds are the underground Catacombs structures that can be found in Mountains biomes.

With an unassuming outbuilding-looking entrance at ground level, these structures actually extend deep into the ground.

You'll find a good amount of treasure here, however you'll also find a good amount of angry mobs.... In the Great Hall, you'll find three chests with Nether Stars (among other things), and three Pedestals. Use (right-click) with one of each Halcyon (see below to find out about these) here to fill the Pedestals, and you'll create an End Portal:

Note: When you place the correct Halcyon in a Pedestal, the Pedestal will immediately be struck by a lightning bolt as it activates. When you place any incorrect item, there will be a 'poof' and a puff of smoke, and the placed item disappears...


Halcyons are special items that can be found in certain structures, and they're needed to gain access to The End, as well as craft some amazing stuff.

You can find a Mishal Halcyon on the top level of any Pillager Outpost in Mishal; you can find a Lanasi Halcyon on the top level of any Pillager Outpost in Lanasi; and you can find a Nether Halcyon on the lower level of some Bastion Remnants - this one's harder to find than the other two.

Halcyons are also used in recipes on the Artisan's Table. Here's the recipe for an excellent new item, the Astrolabe, which requires both a Mishal and a Lanasi Halcyon....


The Astrolabe is a true token of your pathfinding achievements, and is a just reward. Just Use (right-click) it to instantly teleport between Mishal and Lanasi.

Here are some more wondrous items that Halcyons power...

Cloud Staff

This staff constantly provides Slow Falling IV while it's in your main hand, and you can Use (right-click) it to give yourself Levitation II for 10 seconds - it essentially lets you fly!


This powerful weapon has the same strength as a Netherite Sword, however it's unbreakable. It also constantly provides Strength II and Speed II while in your main hand.

Flame Rod

This rod sets things on fire (and opens Nether Portals) much like Flint and Steel does, however it constantly provides Fire Resistance IV while in your main hand, making many places easier to traverse.


This incredibly sharp blade of legend possesses the power of the Netherite Sword, is unbreakable, and is enchanted with Sharpness X.

There are also even more concentrated and powerful versions of the Halcyons. Like Halcyons, their function is in a recipe below, however they also provide attribute bonuses when held in the off-hand....
Empyrion Power
Mishal Empyrion

When held in the off-hand, Mishal Empyrion provides +10 base max health (15 instead of 10).

Lanasi Empyrion

When held in the off-hand, Lanasi Empyrion provides 100% base knockback resistance.

Nether Empyrion

When held in the off-hand, Nether Empyrion provides +2 base attack damage ( instead of ).

Ender Empyrion

When held in the off-hand, Ender Empyrion provides +3 base armor ( instead of —).

Empyrions are necessary to make something incredibly powerful...

This godly artifact simply stops everything in place while it's active. Specifically, Use (right-click) it to activate it, and all entities with AI will stop moving and acting until you unlock the world by using the Worldglass again....

Even the Ender Dragon will stop mid-flight and flap menacingly on the spot until you unlock the world.

A side note: The Obsidian Platform in The End now comes with fully functional portals back to Mishal, Lanasi, and The Nether! These and the platform itself constantly regenerate, so they can't even be broken by accident.

This is also the case with The Nether - a smaller platform is generated with Mishal and Lanasi portals, centered on (0,31,0) rather than (100,48,0) as in The End.

These portals replace the normal means of exiting The Nether and The End, although the End Portal in The End can still be used.

And one last little treat.... For those who'd like to have some fun with this pack's awesome new items, here's how you can give yourself each with a command:
Cheating section
Mishal Halcyon:
/give @s minecraft:nether_star{display:{Name:'{"text":"Mishal Halcyon","color":"white","italic":false}'},CustomModelData:22222}

Lanasi Halcyon:
/give @s minecraft:nether_star{display:{Name:'{"text":"Lanasi Halcyon","color":"white","italic":false}'},CustomModelData:33333}

Nether Halcyon:
/give @s minecraft:nether_star{display:{Name:'{"text":"Nether Halcyon","color":"white","italic":false}'},CustomModelData:44444}

Mishal Empyrion:
/give @s minecraft:nether_star{display:{Name:'{"text":"Mishal Empyrion","color":"white","italic":false}'},CustomModelData:122222}

Lanasi Empyrion:
/give @s minecraft:nether_star{display:{Name:'{"text":"Lanasi Empyrion","color":"white","italic":false}'},CustomModelData:133333}

Nether Empyrion:
/give @s minecraft:nether_star{display:{Name:'{"text":"Nether Empyrion","color":"white","italic":false}'},CustomModelData:144444}

Ender Empyrion:
/give @s minecraft:nether_star{display:{Name:'{"text":"Ender Empyrion","color":"white","italic":false}'},CustomModelData:155555}

Cloud Staff:
/give @s minecraft:carrot_on_a_stick{display:{Name:'{"text":"Cloud Staff","color":"white","italic":false}'},CustomModelData:55551}

/give @s minecraft:netherite_sword{display:{Name:'{"text":"Berserker","color":"white","italic":false}'},Unbreakable:1b,CustomModelData:55552}

Flame Rod:
/give @s minecraft:flint_and_steel{display:{Name:'{"text":"Flame Rod","color":"white","italic":false}'},CustomModelData:55553}

/give @s minecraft:carrot_on_a_stick{display:{Name:'{"text":"Cloud Staff","color":"white","italic":false}'},CustomModelData:55555}

/give @s minecraft:netherite_sword{display:{Name:'{"text":"Masamune","color":"white","italic":false}'},Unbreakable:1b,Enchantments:[{id:"minecraft:sharpness",lvl:10s}],CustomModelData:55558}

/give @s minecraft:carrot_on_a_stick{display:{Name:'{"text":"Worldglass","color":"white","italic":false}'},CustomModelData:55559}

Enjoy :)
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.16

5 Update Logs

Update #5 : by Baroque Obama 05/11/2021 10:58:39 amMay 11th, 2021

•Implemented new noise settings for more variance between worlds
•Implemented continuous attribute bonus effects for Empyrion items
•Implemented all remaining portal functionality
•Fixed some minor cosmetic issues
•Completed playtesting and released the project
•Updated project pics and description

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01/09/2022 6:55 pm
Level 3 : Apprentice Explorer
ComicNB avatar
This pack is so coool!!! You gotta make it 1.18!
01/10/2022 1:15 am
Level 63 : High Grandmaster Architect
Baroque Obama
Baroque Obama avatar
Thanks vm :). I need to get a new computer haha, the POS I'm stuck with atm can't run MC... Once I get something new, I'll definitely be updating it
01/10/2022 1:05 pm
Level 3 : Apprentice Explorer
ComicNB avatar
Rip I know the feeling XD! I hope you get the pc you need soon! Goodluck!
12/21/2021 5:01 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
FloofyBoy69 avatar
I cant really find the right version i need to use this datapack
12/21/2021 5:35 pm
Level 63 : High Grandmaster Architect
Baroque Obama
Baroque Obama avatar
It's the Java version you'll need, and not the Bedrock version. Tested in 1.16.5 and 1.17 (prior to its release) and been found to be working normally.
09/30/2021 11:33 pm
Level 36 : Artisan Loremaster
SpiritTheMan avatar
09/16/2021 8:54 amhistory
Level 1 : New Miner
gasterx2 avatar
help im portal trapped in the world teleporter between lanansi and mishal
09/16/2021 9:04 am
Level 63 : High Grandmaster Architect
Baroque Obama
Baroque Obama avatar
I'm not quite sure what "portal trapped" means
09/16/2021 9:08 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
gasterx2 avatar
apologies but yeah i cant get out from the portal between lanansi and mishal i thought it was a one way trip but for some reason it keeps teleporting me back and fort
09/16/2021 10:01 pm
Level 63 : High Grandmaster Architect
Baroque Obama
Baroque Obama avatar
That's the first time I've heard of that... Barring other data packs, mods and the like, it should be impossible, since the function that teleports you also moves time forward by 4 days (meaning there shouldn't be a portal at all on the other end until you wait 4 more)
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