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More Profiteers (Update aborted)

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Required Resource Pack
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Level 33 : Artisan Sheep
This data pack is still updating. If you have any inspiration or idea for the new Profiteer, you can reply in the comments area, maybe your idea will be added to the game in the future~


More Profiteers have been added! (There is only two for now, but I will continue to update it in the future.)
Any Wandering Merchant may be transformed into Profiteer, you can use Wandering Merchant spawn eggs or wait Wandering Merchant spawns naturally to find them!

Needs resource pack!
Supports English and Chinese(both simplified and traditional), the language changes automatically based on your game language.

At present, these Profiteers have been added:
[​Traveling Merchant from Terraria!]
·Arriving announcement and random name!
·Sells decoration of item frame, food with special effects, and various practical weapons & tools!
·Play Terraria's injury and death sound ...And its said that he will explode into pieces when die~
·As for the price? My friend, you can buy two emeralds worth of goods from him with one emerald! I even doubt if he is a Profiteer?
[​Temmie from Undertale!]
·Temmie flakes!
·Temmie BGM!

[​Update log]
<Beta 0.1>
·Added Traveling Merchant and his goods.
<Beta 0.2>
·Fixed the bug that Diamond Rings and Extendo Grips could be used.
·Fixed some model display errors.
·Traveling Merchant have a fashion hat and blue eyes now.
·Traveling Merchant will not drink Potion of Invisibility at night now.
·Sorted out the data pack to make it more clear.
·When the Decoration of Item Frame is removed, Item Frame that was invisivle before will no longer lose its Invisible nbt.
<Beta 0.3>
·Fixed the bug that Diamond Ring will not play particle when in off hand.
·Added Pulse Bow and Sergeant United Shield.
<Beta 0.4>
·The arrows of Pulse Bow now can ricochet and unaffected by gravity.
<Beta 0.5>
`Add Temmie and her goods.
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.16

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11/03/2020 10:00 am
Level 1 : New Miner
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