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                  Level 27 : Expert Taco
                  -Unzip! (The resource pack AND datapack)
                  -I didn't make the thumbnail, I found on google
                  This is a datapack that I planned to add A LOT of things into normal boring minecraft survival
                  Included features:
                  -Custom enchantments
                  +Lunge(release sneak to use)
                  +Healing swipe( 50/50 chance to heal 3 heart when use[​hit a mob])
                  +Double blades( 50/50 chance to lose 3 hearts when use but have you have strenth boost)
                  +Armor piece

                  -Custom blocks
                  +Purple block(needed purple vision but I didn't add)
                  -On/Off Tree feller(Timber)
                  -Races(add your self tag "orc" or "elf "to use)

                  -Custom items
                  +Spike gauntlet
                  +Purple vision(added but you can't get it normally, use /give @s carrot_on_a_stick{purple:1,CustomModelData:2})
                  -Custom food
                  +Grape(give 10 seconds of haste and speed)

                  -Health bar
                  -Custom mobs
                  +Zombie slime(a.k.a zom slime, split into 4 baby zombies when die, didn't have a way to summon)
                  -Custom equipments(useless for now)

                  -Staffs (how to use: watch the showcases)
                  +Fire staff
                  +Cloud staff
                  +Ice staff

                  -This datapack has A LOT of bugs

                  Planed features:
                  -Staffs (finished)
                  -Custom crafter

                  Working on:
                  -Demon sword

                  Finished working on:
                  -Plant sword

                  Comment down next features!
                  How to get items: function survival:give/[​item_name]

                  Next Update:
                  -Display custom enchantments
                  -More weapons
                  CompatibilityMinecraft 1.16
                  toMinecraft 1.17 Snapshot

                  2 Update Logs

                  Update #2 : 10/08/2020 9:43:57 amOct 8th

                  -Added staffs
                  -Removed sword arts
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