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Serenity's Open Temperatures

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ItsNovaCake avatar ItsNovaCake
Level 52 : Grandmaster Technomancer
Welcome to Serenity's Open Temperatures
This Data Pack is an advanced and actively maintained Pack that hopes to change your experience :P - When you have this data pack on- You have one important goal. Keep the number above your Hotbar at a normal level. If it goes too far below 28c or too far above 33c you will die. This can be achieved by staying in non-extreme temperatured biomes- Or by drinking a lot of water.

The data pack is a stripped-down version of my upcoming adventure style data pack labeled Serenity.

Planned Features
This Data Pack isn't finished.
Here is a list of planned features:
- Temperature visible outside of tablist. 0.0.2
- Dying resets temperature 0.0.2

- Weather Temperatures {High Priority}
- Better Dynamic Time Based Temperatures {High Priority}
- Better Heating {High Priority}
- Wearing Armor brings you warmth
- Doing Actions can overheat you
- Integration with thirst style data packs
- Being Indoors brings you to the goldilocks zone
- Being deeper in a cave depletes your temperature

- Drinking Water increases the temperature - 0.0.2
- All Biomes have temperatures {High Priority}
- An additive temperature system (So heated blocks actually do stuff) - We tried in 0.0.2. We'll come back to this. {High Priority}
- Terralith Support (And other worldgen packs)
- Nether Support {High Priority}
- Maybe releasing my WIP Data Packs thirst system? - Probably not with this but- Serenity's OpenThirst????
Suggestions are Welcomed :P

-Tested on 1.18.1 Without mods-

Handy Celcius - Farenheight conversion table


Some questions you may ask
FAQ ?????
Why is there random bedrock at 0, 0, 0?
The reason there is bedrock at 0, 0, 0 is that the way Serenity is built (Serenity is the WIP pack that Open Temperatures System comes from) uses blocks in certain areas to store variables and or change game settings. Usually, the block is floating however- We can't make it blend in correctly when- Any combination of worlds could use this pack so- We hide it and hope you never find it ^^

Is this am compatible with am *insert worldgen pack here*
n o . unless it's a pack that modified existing biomes and doesn't add them. Stuff like Terralith will not work. This data pack needs each biome specified and added to the code to run. A major data pack such as Terralith, for example, has too many more biomes for it to blend in properly. I mean- Theoretically, it would work but- just wouldn't make sense
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.18

2 Update Logs

Some Bug Fixes - : by ItsNovaCake 01/04/2022 2:17:42 amJan 4th

- Drinking should now give you the correct values 😅 (Sorry about that one!)

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01/04/2022 7:36 pm
Level 1 : New Explorer
yeet3455 avatar
Uh, I spawned in an Ice Spikes biome and I have die 3 times in the first 30 seconds XD
01/04/2022 11:26 pm
Level 52 : Grandmaster Technomancer
ItsNovaCake avatar
Yeah I needa remove ice block effects 😅

Sorry about that one
01/03/2022 10:08 pmhistory
Level 1 : New Miner
dorlonkho avatar
how about make the temperature lower when i enter in water?
also i'll get died when i drink a bottle of water in a jungle
01/04/2022 2:23 am
Level 52 : Grandmaster Technomancer
ItsNovaCake avatar
Should be fixed :P
01/04/2022 12:26 amhistory
Level 52 : Grandmaster Technomancer
ItsNovaCake avatar
Your temperature is supposed to change in water however it wasn't working :cry:

I'll soon fix it though- ALSO

I am aware of a glitch where the lowering temperature when drinking water was too high-
I'm gonna assume that was the issue- and if so- That's been fixed- Patch comes out soon
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