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Origins Mod Datapack| Lunar Experiment

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LakePier's Avatar LakePier
Level 44 : Master Goblin
Lunar Experiment

[+] Lunar Power Bar: Recharges at a base rate of 1 Lunar Power per second at night, however, this rate doubles when exposed to the night sky. Using active abilities and getting hit will drain the Lunar Power Bar
[+] Radius (Primary): You can shoot an ice beam that spawns ice crystals where you are looking up to 15 blocks away. Hitting the body or near the body of an entity will damage it and send it flying away from the crystal. Hitting an entity right on the head will freeze them in said crystal. Ice crystals will despawn 10 seconds after you stop using the ability (Consumes 12 Lunar Power on use)
[+] Raging Wail (Secondary): Due to the many experiments, you have gained the ability to alter sound. You can release a loud cry which alters the sound around you causing a lightning-like AoE attack (Consumes 5 Lunar Power on use)
[+] Crystal Sage (Load Hotbar): you can teleport to any type of ice block within 15 blocks away (Consumes 3 Lunar Power on use)
[+] Cold Borne: In any Ice Spike or Frozen Ocean biome you get haste, speed, and one totem of undying effect per day
[+] Stress Rush: Your body takes the littlest amounts of stress very seriously increasing your durability. You spawn with 3 and a half bars of natural armor
[=] Rain Tears: When in rain, you feel great sadness and begin to cry giving you strength and some slowness
[-] Depression: When in a dark place with no npc or players around you, you begin to get nausea and weakness
[-] Cope: When low on your Lunar Power Bar, you will stop moving, get blindness, and get nausea. If attacked while in this state you will explode violently
[-]Weak Soul: The experiments lowered your life to half of that of a normal human. You spawn with 10 health

Important Note: when you unzip the file, there should be 2 folders, one called "Radius Raycast Functions" and one called "Lunar Experiment- Pier#2468". both of these datapacks should go in your datapacks folder.

Join my discord for more of my work!: https://discord.gg/7apeHTu4EM

Demonstration video coming soon! Decided to post it without a Demo video because OBS refuses to cooperate
CreditMade by Pier#2468 for Accelted#5763
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.17

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10/12/2021 3:26 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
TheGatesGaming's Avatar
Hey LakePier

We use this datapack on a server, and its great, but there is one problem.
To teleport the player, you use invisible armour stands without tags, so it interferes with any other invisible armor stands!
so now when I press my ability button, it teleports me to the armour stand I summoned.

Could you please fix this, it would help me alot!

this is the code I found that creates trouble in the lunar_expiriment_2:

summon minecraft:armor_stand ~ ~1 ~ {Invisible:1b}

execute at @e[​type=minecraft:armor_stand,sort=nearest,nbt={Invisible:1b}] as @s run tp @e[​type=minecraft:armor_stand,sort=nearest,nbt={Invisible:1b}] ~ ~ ~ facing entity @s

execute at @e[​type=minecraft:armor_stand,sort=nearest,nbt={Invisible:1b}] as @s run tp @e[​type=minecraft:armor_stand,sort=nearest,nbt={Invisible:1b}] ~ ~ ~ ~180 0

tp @s @e[​limit=1,nbt={Invisible:1b},sort=nearest,type=minecraft:armor_stand]

kill @e[​nbt={Invisible:1b}]
10/12/2021 4:01 pm
Level 44 : Master Goblin
LakePier's Avatar
Yeah sure. This was an older datapack of mine so it’s not quite up to par with my current quality. But yes, fixing this will my next project.
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