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Phoenix Origin

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This adds the phoenix origin to the origins mod. It requires the fabric API, the origins mod, and the pehkui mod for minecraft version 1.18.1. This took many hours, so I hope you enjoy it.


You can fly as if you are swimming through the air

You have permanent slow falling. If you wish to fall slower, crouch; you will take fall damage while crouching

You will be saved once on death, although you will lose the ability to fly, three hearts, and you will become half your height

You can return to your original form if you stand in the sun light for awhile

You have a resource bar that fills up to seven, one minute per unit. If it is depleted, you will have less health, but as it is filled you will gain max health

You can give everything around you slow falling for 8 seconds(activated ability)

You can only eat golden food(golden carrots, golden apples, and notch apples)

You take damage in water

You are immune to fire

You explode and ignite the area around you when you die and your resource bar is filled to at least 3

Your skin has a golden tint depending on saturation(this will be added 1/10/22, i’m too tired to add it now)

(small changes might be made in the future)

Credit to “Fikrete Bislimi” on youtube for the idea
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.18

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