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Pig Tractors [DATAPACK]

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puffcap's Avatar puffcap
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Adds real functionality to pigs with saddles and carrots on a stick.

With this pack installed, once you have found a saddle, nametag, and carrots you are ready for the big leagues.
You can name your pig TRACTOR (must be all caps) and saddle him up for work. Leading your trusty steed, you
are now able to plow all your crops with speed unmatched by normal farming.

Only fully matured crops are picked, and put directly into your inventory. Crops are automatically replanted. If the ground happens to get trampled by the pig it will be turned back into farmland but you will have to replant that space by hand.

Only wheat is enabled by default, but if you go into the gameloop file [tractors\data\tractors\functions\gameloop] and remove the hashes in front of the additional overworld crops' code lines, they will work with the tractor as well.

This datapack is also MULTIPLAYER COMPATIBLE. That means if two people are on pigs named the same thing, picking the same type of crop, at the same time, they will both receive the correct amounts of items.

When you harvest you are given these items every time:
  Wheat - 1 wheat and 1 seed
  Beetroot - 1 beetroot and 1 beetroot seed
  Carrots - 2 carrots
  Potatoes - 2 potatoes
So, keep in mind this means no chances for more or less from the crops that support them normally, and no poisonous potatoes.
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.13

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