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Real Pet Chatter (Resource Pack Optional)

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Required Resource Pack
Dragon3025 avatar Dragon3025
Level 48 : Master Enderdragon
  • Backup your world.
  • Enter world then run "/function real_pet_chatter:uninstall" (ignore the warning about some mobs still needing fixed, this update uses a new tag, and wont look for the old one).
  • Leave world, then replace datapack with this version.
  • Re-enter the world then run "/reload".
Less Chatty Pets

You can set and unset mobs for limited chatting with the following commands:

  • "/trigger set_mob_for_controlled_chat" or "/trigger set_mob_for_controlled_chat set #" (Max 10)
  • "/trigger unset_mob_for_controlled_chat" or "/trigger unset_mob_for_controlled_chat set #" (Max 10)

This pack will limit the amount of noise those mobs make by given them a countdown timer for making noise. When the timer hits 0, a new maximum is chosen from random values (default is 10-30 seconds) which can be changed using scoreboard commands. They wont make noise if their timer it at 0.

A pet's timer will count up to the maximum instead of counting down if there isn't a player within 16 blocks.

Certain conditions may set the timer to the 0 or maximum (for example: if a hostile mob is near a wolf, the wolf's timer will instantly set to max).


A pet wont unmute if it has the name or tag "silenced". This adds compatibility for my Silence Nearby Mobs pack and Vanilla Tweak's Silence Mobs pack. This pack is recommended to quite down large count mob farms (for example a large cow farm).

Dogs and Cats Will Get Angry at Hostile Mobs

Dogs and cats will make angry sounds at hostile non-persistent mobs that are within 4 blocks. An optional "Angry Cat Sounds" resource pack will make cats not only hiss, but growl or yell. Dogs will also make angry sounds at players that they're attacking.

Configs (Numbers shown are the Defaults)

Note: Watching mobs for a while, I've noticed that pets seem to make noise about every 5-10 seconds, but this isn't something I know for a fact.

Change random max chatting time :

  run scoreboard players set admin max_pet_chatter_seconds 30
run scoreboard players set admin min_pet_chatter_seconds 10

Allow mobs to anger cats or dogs:

  run scoreboard players set admin mobs_anger_cats 1
  run scoreboard players set admin mobs_anger_dogs 1
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.18

9 Update Logs

Update #9 : by Dragon3025 03/03/2022 4:00:21 pmMar 3rd

I cut the distance for far pet detection in half.

EDIT: I accidentally uploaded the wrong pack. I fixed it.

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06/25/2021 2:45 pmhistory
Level 48 : Master Enderdragon
Dragon3025 avatar
I just found a bug in Minecraft, link, and it's affecting this datpack. When you look at horses this pack will rapidly unmute them, no matter the cooldown. The problem with that is because of this Minecraft bug, horses with armor equipped will spam equipping sounds when you look at them. I'm currently trying to fix this bug.

EDIT: Unfortunately there's no way around this bug. Horses would still periodically make equipping sounds even when your not looking at them. I had to remove them from the list. Luckily horses aren't that noisy. Please run this in worlds that already had this pack installed to fix all horses and untamed pets that shouldn't be affected by this pack:

function real_pet_chatter:fix_mob
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