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Slimy Carrots | Slimeballs to Golden Carrots | Singleplayer Superflat OP

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Required Resource Pack
Dyiing avatar Dyiing
Level 14 : Journeyman Modder
I started playing a superflat hardcore world in the attempt to beat the game, and quickly ran out of food. potatoes and carrots weren't doing it for me. So, instead of attempting to make a farm or find some meat, I just made this datapack. Slimes are everywhere in superflat, to the point that it is annoying. The amount of slimeballs is crazy, so I figured I'd put them to use.

Originally I wanted to make a fabric/forge mod that will add a new "Jello" item, but this isn't possible with datapacks. That's a project for another day :D This mod is quite OP, but it was really only for my personal use. Feel free to use it if you are also lazy!

If you have any suggestions or issues, the comments are open!

How to Install Datapack
To install, simply place this pack in the following directory:
  • .minecraft/saves/(world name)/datapacks/
After placing the file here, you should see the file when you use /datapack list (file/Slimy Carrot Datapack v1.0)

How to use in-game
There are no commands for this datapack. All it does is simply modify a recipe for Golden Carrots.

To create Slimy Carrots, you need slimeballs. Place four slimeballs anywhere in the crafting table (or your small table). This will give you two Carrots.

Thats all it adds. It will not affect the use of Golden Carrots in other recipes.

Resource pack (optional)
The resourcepack available for download is completely optional. All it does is retextures the carrots (for immersion). To install the pack, simply place the downloaded file into .minecraft/resourcepacks/.

Additionally, there's a language file included to rename the carrots. To do this, first enable the resourcepack. Then go to the language option in settings and change the language to "Slimy Carrots (EN)" (English only right now).


v1.1 - Fixed incorrect file formatting (oops)

v1.0 - Initial release
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.13
toMinecraft 1.17 Snapshot

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02/28/2021 9:42 pm
Level 41 : Master Theorist
Chimerabot avatar
You actually could create a custom item. It's something of a complicated process, but once you get into it, it's quite simple.
I'd recommend Timber Forge on youtube for his videos about custom crafting and custom items in general, in case you want to pursue that idea about making Jello.
03/03/2021 2:47 pm
Level 14 : Journeyman Modder
Dyiing avatar
Yeah true, but when I mean "create", I mean in the sense of making a new item with a new ID and textures, rather than modifying an old one via command blocks.

Most likely if I do pursue it, I'll use fabric, since I'm already familiar with creating items there :) Thanks
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