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Spawn Warp | Warp to your spawnpoint anywhere!

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brisai avatar brisai
Level 20 : Expert Engineer
Spawn Warp is a multiplayer compatible spawnpoint warp system balanced for survival minecraft. Spawn Warp guarantees the player will be teleported to their current valid spawnpoint by killing the player, but not before applying relevant gamerules to retain the players inventory and skip the death screen (and shortly after reapplying the gamerule settings set by the player).

Alternatively there is a great spawn warp datapack that was made recently by imalittlhigh that accomplishes remote warping to beds and respawn anchors without using /kill and is absolutely worth checking out

Pros and cons of using /kill as a teleport method
Killing the player to teleport them has the benefit of piggy backing the robustness of the games death system, allowing the player to always be warped to a valid location under any circumstance, regardless of the method or dimension used to set the players spawnpoint. This drastically reduces the number of possible failure points in the pack and saved me much headache.

The downside to using this method is that many datapacks track player deaths and that player deaths impact player statistics. This could cause unintended triggering of mechanics in other datapacks that have death related mechanics or mechanics related to phantom spawning, as dying resets the players insomnia counter. It also goes without saying that this datapack is not friendly to hardcore

How to use:

Drop a bottle of dragons breath to activate the warp prompt. This will instantly consume the bottle, however if you dont make use of the teleport you will be returned the bottle. Click the prompt to warp to your spawnpoint. The warp will fail however if you do not have atleast 15 levels of xp and 15 levels of xp will be consumed for warping.

Future Work
In the future I plan to add customization options to the datapack for the xp level, and potentially some sort of method to scale xp costs with distance and for crossing dimensions
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.19

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02/08/2023 4:27 am
Level 50 : Grandmaster Sweetheart
imalittlhigh avatar
I like the use of dragons breath!
And i see you solved the "updates on respawn" problem :D
02/08/2023 1:48 pm
Level 21 : Expert Engineer
brisai avatar
haha thanks! I always like making less useful items more useful

and yeah /kill has its benefits, like making my life easier when coding it lol, but compatibility issues..... lol im just glad yours came out recently too
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