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Spawner Regen - Broken Spawners Regenerate

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Maxwelllondon avatar Maxwelllondon
Level 27 : Expert Button Pusher

You've just joined your friend server and you want to explore a dungeon.

You begin your journey just to find out all the spawner were destroyed and there's no adventure to be played.

What if that same spawner can magically reappear?
This is what this Datapack does.

By default a destroyed spawner will regenerate after 1 minecraft day (20 minutes)
You can adjust that to your likings, but it can't be less than 1 minute.

-- Banish Ritual --
On by Default
It might happen that you want to build something right when the spawner is/was/will be.
How can you prevent it from regenerating, destroying it twice and for all?
With the Banish Ritual, of course!

After breaking a spawner, a placeholder will take its place

Spawner Regen - Broken Spawners Regenerate Minecraft Data PackSpawner Regen - Broken Spawners Regenerate Minecraft Data Pack

You can place a lantern in it, and when that nasty spawner will try to regenerate again, it will be banished instead.
Its souls will be trapped inside the lantern, and the spawner will never respawn again.

-- Enslaving Ritual --
Off by Default
But what if you just want keep enemies close, and move that spawner to your base, instead?

In that case you can perform an Enslaving Ritual.

You are going to need:
1 Glowing Item Frame

4 Black Candles

Spawner Regen - Broken Spawners Regenerate Minecraft Data Pack

Place everything like this (remember to light the candles).
When the spawner will try to regenerate it will be trapped inside the frame, and be successfully Enslaved.
You can now place it whenever you want.
If you want to move it again, you need to perform the ritual once more.

-- The Settings --
You can call the settings menu with the command
/function spawner_regen:settings

The default settings are what you see in picture (current settings).

The Regeneration Delay can't be less than 1 minute.
(I know some of you might think that having an instant regeneration could be a challenge,
but you can also cheese exp out of the spawner without delay)

The Enslaving Ritual candle requirements can be modified.
Zero is for none.
4 is for one on each side of the block
8 is for a double candle on each side, and so on..

-- The Tips--
This mod is best played in multiplayer world to enhance and boost exploration.
So I wanna suggest you the LOOTR mod by Noobanidus which this datapack is inspired from.

-- The Changelog--
V 1.0.0 - First Release
V1.1.0 - Enslaving Ritual will now revert the Glowing Item Frame to a regular Item Frame by default (adjustable in settings)

Please leave a Diamond if you like, and follow for more.
Thank you all!
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.17
toMinecraft 1.19

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cool :D
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