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Stackable Powder Snow!

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Required Resource Pack
SubParFauxPas avatar SubParFauxPas
Level 10 : Journeyman Goblin
"Stackable Powder Snow" is a small, vanilla-styled QoL improvements Data Pack + Resource Pack combo meant to make using, and storing large quantities of Powdered Snow far easier.
Simply drop the appropriate files into your resourcepacks and world's datapacks folders, and use /reload to enable it!

  • Makes the Shovel the correct tool for mining Powder Snow
  • Adds a custom "Powder Snow" block item
    (obtained by digging Powder Snow with Silk Touch)
This pack does not require the resource pack to function, but is highly recommended. It will run without, but the custom item will not resemble Powder Snow.

Data Pack relies on Structure Voids. You can still use Structure Voids with this pack, but attempting to place the custom Powder Snow blocks will convert all nearby Structure Voids - you should use the Bucket of Powder Snow instead in Creative.

The only compatibility issues this should have with other packs is if they use Structure Voids less conservatively than I have.
If you find any issues, post about them here.

I don't need to be credited for personal use, but please do not use any parts of my Packs for your own projects without my express permission. (I will most likely grant it on the condition you give proper credit and link back here, but please remember to ask first)

Thanks for understanding!
    CompatibilityMinecraft 1.17
    toMinecraft 1.19

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    11/28/2022 5:14 pm
    Level 30 : Artisan Miner
    Lordphenex avatar
    That's a good datapack ! I didn't know that you can place structure vois when in survival, I thought you can only do it in creative.
    One thing you could do to avoid replacing all structure voids around is to start a raycast when placing the structure void so only the one placed is changed into powder_snow. This way, you don't event need to use a structure void and normal snow block with some nbt would work.
    Also, you namespaced your functions under the "main" folder. I don't recommend doing so as this name is really generic and could cause compatibility issues with other datapacks. What I personally do is namespacing my datapack under my username, as you did with your root advancement. This way you only have to keep compatibility across your own datapacks.
    11/29/2022 12:46 amhistory
    Level 10 : Journeyman Goblin
    SubParFauxPas avatar
    Thank you! and duly noted!

    Keeping them in the "main" folder was an oversight on my part - I have a template data pack I build on now to save some time (and to make sure I format it correctly, lol) and I forgot to change it - I will fix this in the next version when I also fix the pack format #'s and add some custom icons, thanks for bringing that to my attention!

    I wanted to use structure voids because they have the same placement rules as the powdered snow bucket (as in can be placed in the same space an entity is occupying), and were also a block not very likely to be encountered in survival, meaning I could use the /fill method without too much concern. Ideally I'd want a block with the same placement rules *and* could store NBT so I could filter for that block specifically, but I think we're more likely to get custom block support with data packs before then.
    I've had issues with raycasting to detect blocks in the past, but two issues that have turned me off that method for detecting/interacting with placed blocks is that it's possible to place blocks in a different space than the block you are targeting (by aiming at a wall-torch for instance), causing the ray to miss the intended block entirely - something that low TPS or player-lag can cause sometimes too - which as you can imagine can cause issues.
    In my testing it's also been *possible* to place more than 1 block in the time it takes for the advancement to trigger, function to run and advancement be revoked, but filling the area typically catches everything.
    11/29/2022 2:42 am
    Level 30 : Artisan Miner
    Lordphenex avatar
    Ok I got your point ! I did not think about placement rules nor the fact that non full blocks exist and can break raycast.
    Have a nice day !
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