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Stardew Valley Datapack For 1.16-1.17 By Manakun

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Manakun's Avatar Manakun
Level 64 : High Grandmaster Batman
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This Datapack required resource pack

Recipe & working time of artisan equipment based on stardew valley wiki

I tried to edit the food satulation functions base on Stardew Volley food, but it caused the MSPT to go up to 100, causing the game to lag.

So I decided to turn off the food saturation function first so that the game doesn't lag.

New Block

1.Stardew Valley Crafting Table 2.Cask 3.Charcoal Kiln 4.Cheese Press 5.Cooking Kitchen 6.Crab Pot

7.Crystalarium 8.Garden Pot

9.Geode Crusher 10.Keg 11.Loom 12.Mayonnaise Machine 13.Oil Maker 14.Preserves Jar

15.Recycling Machine 16.Seed Maker

17.Shipping Bin 18.Stardew Valley Furnace 19.Worm Bin

Add 3 Type Sprinkler

1.Sprinkler 2.Quality Sprinkler 3.Iridium Sprinkler

Add 6 Shop Box

1.Clint Shop 2.Gus Shop 3.Marlon Shop 4.Marnie Shop 5.Pierre Shop 6.Robin Shop

Add Lightning Rod & Solar Panel

Add a system to specify time, date, season and year

Have 4 Season

1.Spring 2.Summer 3.Autumn 4.Winter

There are 28 days in total per season.

Add 42 seasonal seeds.

Add fruit tree 6 type

Add quality item system

Have 4 type

1.no star 2.silver star 3.gold star 4.purple star

60 seasonal fish added

Add weapon 48 type

81 food added [​not adjust saturation]

Change Monster Health higher than before

Change grass drop

Change log drop

Change stone drop

Change ore drop

Can fishing in lava

Can upgrade tool to high level

Add Money syetem
you can sell item by store it in shipping bin and will recieve money next day
you can buy item from shop box by select item in shop and click stone button on shop box to buy
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.16
toMinecraft 1.18

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07/18/2022 8:21 pm
Level 1 : New Collective
Masterchef923's Avatar
can you link the texture park to this so i and others can find it faster
07/19/2022 5:09 am
Level 64 : High Grandmaster Batman
Manakun's Avatar
i remember it inside file why do you can't find?
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