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Required Resource Pack
Doc_Dapper avatar Doc_Dapper
Level 17 : Journeyman System
This datapack adds 11 new items; consisting of weapons, tools, crafting materials, and more! These items are unique in the sense that they have multiple modes, and activated abilities. Item modes are swapped by crouching.

  Starlight items are crafted by dropping a nether star and 8 nether quartz on top of a beacon. This crafts a Starlight Crystal, which gives more information on how to craft the items in the item tooltip.

  This datapack is multiplayer-friendly, and can be used entirely in survival. However, if you want to obtain them in Creative easily, enter this command into chat and fill out the remaining item name: "/function give:[item name]"

For more information on the items, read below! Also remember to ensure you have the resource pack activated to make sure you're not just seeing diamond tools and carrots on a a stick.


  General information: Most starlight items have multiple "Modes," which can be swapped by crouching. Starlight items all come pre-enchanted, and will lose any enchantments added by the player when swapping modes. In order to avoid an exploit, using a grindstone while any Starlight item is in your inventory will cause the grindstone to explode. There is currently a bug that makes it to where the grindstone will explode if any player has a starlight item in their inventory, even if the user doesn't have one. Most starlight items also come with abilities, which are activated by right clicking and have a cooldown. All starlight abilities cost a small amount of experience to use. There is a chance I'll increase the experience cost in the future, as all starlight items are unbreakable and will never lose durability.

  Starlight Crystal: This is the least interesting item in the pack, but it's the gateway for crafting all of the powerful equipment. As stated above, it is crafted by dropping a nether star and 8 nether quartz onto a beacon. If playing with other people, each player gets a starlight crystal. The item tooltip describes what items it can be combined with to craft the other equipment. Keep in mind that this is the ONLY item that is given to all players when crafted - all other recipes only give the item to the player that is closest to the beacon when crafted.

  Bottomless Goodie Bag: This is a somewhat uninteresting item, but is very beneficial nevertheless. It is crafted by dropping a starlight crystal and 4 shulker shells onto a beacon. It only has 1 mode, which is an ability called "Bounty." Right clicking while holding the item will draw a free item from a randomized loot table with a 15 minute cooldown. It's free stuff, how can you refuse?!

  Bountiful Harvest: This hoe has 3 different modes - One tool mode and two abilities. The tool mode functions like any normal hoe, with efficiency 5 and a whopping fortune 10 to make harvesting crops an absolute breeze! The first ability is Accelerate, which multiplies Random Tick Speed by 10 for one minute, with a 10 minute cooldown. The second ability is called Replenish, which gives a temporary saturation and regeneration boost every minute

  Dampening Rod: This is probably the last starlight item you should craft, as it only serves one purpose. It prevents starlight items with multiple modes from swapping between modes, which is useful when trying to mine or build. Mode swapping can be very annoying when trying to crouch to be precise, and this item solves that problem!

  Edge of Elegance: This sword has 2 modes - One weapon mode and one ability. The weapon mode is a sword with sharpness 5, as well as sweeping edge 5 - meaning that the sweep attack deals as much damage as the main attack! The ability is called Debilitate, and it applies crippling slowness and weakness to all nearby mobs. It stuns them for 5 seconds, and has a 15 second cooldown.

  Orb of Omniscience: Similarly to the Bottomless Goodie Bag, this item only has one mode, which is an ability called Allsight. Using this ability grants the user night vision, while temporarily giving nearby hostile mobs the glowing effect. It has a 30 second cooldown, which means the night vision can have 100% uptime if you use the ability regularly.

  Seismic Grace: This pickaxe has 3 different modes - One tool mode and two abilities. The tool mode is a pickaxe with efficiency 4 and fortune 5, meaning it's a great way to increase your resource output, at the cost of not being able to insta-mine unless you use the first ability: Excavate. Excavate temporarily gives very high haste, allowing weapons to attack faster and granting insta-mine to practically any tool. The second ability is Eruption, which is sort of complicated. Activating this ability summons an "epicenter" about 20 blocks in front of the player, and any hostile mob within a very small radius around that epicenter violently explodes.

  Serene Flame: This flint and steel has 3 different modes - One tool mode and two abilities. The tool is a flint and steel with a small amount of sharpness and a very high amount of fire aspect. The first ability is called Inferno, which is also somewhat complicated. Activating it grants a small speed boost and a 30 seconds of fire resistance. For a few seconds after activating the ability, the player sets the ground beneath their feet ablaze. Any hostile mobs near the player during this ability also have the ground beneath their feet set on fire. This ability can scorch hundreds of blocks, so make sure you don't use it near any builds that can burn down. However, you can set caution to the wind with the third ability: Fire Control. This lets you toggle Fire Tick on and off, meaning you can control if fire spreads or not!

  Shimmershot: This bow only has 2 modes, neither of which are an ability. The first mode is a bow with VERY high power, and the second ability is a crossbow with high quick charge, high piercing, and multishot. It's a pretty standard item overall, but can be very strong if used smartly! I am thinking of adding an ability called "Shimmer," which would convert a set amount of arrows in the player's inventory into spectral arrows. However, this is just an idea and may not be added.

  Siphoning Hatchet: This axe has two modes, including a tool mode as well as the most complicated ability in the entire datapack. The tool mode has efficiency and sharpness, meaning it can be used as a weapon and a tool. The ability is called Siphon, and the basic rundown of it is that it grants potion effects based on the amount of entities the player has recently eliminated. Every 10 seconds, a mob kill is removed from the scoreboard that counts how many mobs have been killed. If the ability is activated when no mobs have been killed, no effects are granted, and the player must wait 2 minutes to use the ability again. It is also important to note that kills are not counted when the ability is on cooldown. However, if 1-4 kills are obtained, the ability grants 30 seconds of speed. Small green particles will float around the player if this is the buff that will be granted. If 5-9 kills are obtained, the ability grants 45 seconds of speed 2 and jump boost. In addition to the small green particles, larger green particles will appear as well if this is the buff that will be granted. Lastly, if the player has between 10-15 kills, they will get speed 3, jump boost 2, and strength 2 for 60 seconds. In addition to the 2 previously mentioned particles, storm clouds will appear as well if this is the buff that will be granted. If the player obtains more than 15 kills, then the scoreboard sets their kill count back down to 15.

That's just about it! I hope you enjoy these items!
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.16
toMinecraft 1.17 Snapshot

02/17/2021 11:10 am
Level 1 : New Miner
banana-butt avatar
I pooped on this mod becase its so ood
02/21/2021 4:23 am
Level 17 : Journeyman System
Doc_Dapper avatar
Very well done, banana butt. I hope that was a fun shit.
02/14/2021 8:07 pm
Level 42 : Master Procrastinator
Amrith Erilaz
Amrith Erilaz avatar
Interesting looking.
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